What to look forward to in Paris in 2017


Seeing as this is our first blog post of 2017, we want to begin by wishing you all a very happy new year. We hope that this year brings you much happiness, good luck, and success in everything you wish to do. 2016 was a somewhat interesting and difficult year for all of us, but we must look forward, carry on, and strive for a better 2017!

As ever, lots of things are happening and changing in Paris, which means we need to stay on top of it all to know what’s coming up and what is not to be missed. We thought we would help you out with a short list of some exciting things to look out for the in the City of Light this year, and to brighten up this rather grey January day.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to in Paris in 2017…




Soldes d’Hiver 2017
Starting this Wednesday 11th January are the much anticipated winter sales in Paris! The sales take place twice a year and we always look forward to finding the next best bargain or buying that coat we’ve had our eye on for weeks and have been patiently waiting until the price drops. Here’s everything you need to know for the upcoming sales. Be sure to prepare and get in early to secure those purchases.


22 Avenue de Tourville, 75007, Paris
Zia is the most recently opened coffee shop and eatery in Paris, located in the 7th arrondissement. The cafe specialises in brunch, amazing coffee, lunch and breakfast, all home made, fresh and market-driven. The cafe is the creation of superb French/American chef, Justin Kent, who after working on the concept for several years has finally opened the family friendly cafe Zia. The best part – you can pick up a deliciously home made picnic basket from the cafe and head to the eiffel tower just a few minutes down the road! Check out their Instagram account here and stay up to date with the latest.


The right to disconnect
As of Sunday 1st January, 2017, the “right to disconnect” law has been activated in France, meaning that workers are not obligated to read or respond to emails outside of the working hours. For a country famous for lengthy vacation time and generous retirement, this seems to be a very natural step and a very happy one for all those concerned! In theory, this should be the end of buzzing phones at the dinner table with multiple work emails coming through, and the beginning to a less stressful working life. Let’s watch this space.


Yves Saint Laurent museum opening
5 Avenue Marceau, 75116
In September 2017, two new museums dedicated solely to the work of Yves Saint Laurent, will open in both Marrakesh and Paris. We know it’s a while longer to wait, but the wait will pay off when the pre-existing Fondation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent on 5 Avenue Marceau is transformed into its original state. The space was originally used as Saint Laurent’s atelier and office for over 30 years and was where his incredible designs were created. The public will have the chance to experience the studio as it once was with more than 20,000 couture pieces and accessories from the designer’s life time.



Little Mana
72, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, 75010
Little Manna, literally meaning little mother in Greek, is the newest opening in the 10th arrondissement, serving Mediterranean cuisine prepared with local Greek produce. The pita and focaccia home made breads are worth the visit alone, along with the welcoming atmosphere, delicious sharing plates, and the fusion of Italian, Greek and Lebanese food. For the wine drinkers out there, they also have a great selection of natural wines to taste.


Swimming in the canal
Bassin de la Villette, 75019 Paris
The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the city hall have officially proposed the plan for three swimming pools to be built along the side of the Quai de la Loire canal basin, ready for summer 2017. Like the Paris Plage, these swimming pools will act as a summer pop up in Paris and will be come a prime spot for family and friends to enjoy the sun in the outdoors. Of the three pools, there’ll be one for children, one for fun, and one for serious swimmers. Let’s hope this works out well and continues to be a yearly pop up in Paris!


The Hoxton Paris Hotel
Paris, 75002
This spring, Paris will welcome the opening of the 4th Hoxton Hotel in Europe. Here’s what we know so far; it will be located in the 2nd arrondissement in a 16th century style building with 172 rooms each decorated with local panache, a restaurant, a speakeasy, and a cafe-come-tabac will be some of the cool additions to the hotel. Stay tuned for more news!



Demain Tout Commence
Start the year off right by enjoying some of the best that French film has to offer. Demain Tout Commence was at the top of our list this month and we thoroughly enjoyed the heart warming comedy starring Omar Sy. We don’t want to give anything away, but we urge you to go and watch it before it’s too late.


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