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A few weeks back we had the privilege of experiencing a personal training session in the Jardin des Tuileries with Kristin Lee Lewis, the founder of Paris International Fitness. The session was varied and fulfilling and left us feeling so great afterwards! The idea of being able to enjoy working out and being guided at the same time to make sure you’re achieving your optimal goals is that motivation we all need to continue with a balanced and active lifestyle.

Since our last blog post on Kristin, that dates back to just over 3 years ago, we were very keen to follow up with an updated post on Kristin’s company, detailing all of the fantastic services that she and her team offer, and delving deeper into Kristin’s inspirations and motivations.




1. What brought you to Paris and how long have you been living here for?

I came to Paris to get my diploma in pastry and bread baking at Ferrandi. After completing my certification and doing a stage at a fantastic patisserie, Blé Sucré, I decided that although I am very passionate about cooking, I wanted to develop one of my other talents. I’ve always been an athlete and a gym rat, so I decided to become an ACE certified personal trainer and start a business in Paris. I’ve been here for almost 7 years and I officially created Pinfit 3 years ago.


2. What sparked your passion for fitness and well-being, and when did your fitness journey begin?

I’ve been exercising or doing some kind of sport since I was 9 months old, when my mom took me to a baby swim class. After that I was always on some type of team, whether it be swimming, soccer, or lacrosse, thanks to the influence of my dad who is a champion swimmer and runner.

As an adult, I became passionate about working out in the gym. I taught myself everything I could about strength training and cardio and it developed from there.

The well-being aspect became more and more important to me through my 20s, and now, in my 30’s, it has even more significance because I view well-being and healing practices as a way to free myself from past trauma and behaviors and thought patterns that no longer serve me.
Fitness and well-being work together to allow a person to heal gently and holistically .



3. Where did the inspiration for Paris International Fitness originate?

I started as a personal trainer all by myself, riding my bike around Paris from client to client. Eventually, I realised that many of my clients needed more than just working out to reach their goals. I started to subcontract the services of dietary experts, masseuses, Pilates and Yoga instructors, in order to create a team of specialists whose specialties complement one another and work together to help the client advance in fitness and well-being.


4. Could you give us a brief run down of the services that you offer?

Our services continue to grow as we learn what works best for clients.

We currently offer:

Massage (Tai, Deep, Relaxation, Pre-natal, Reflexology, Quiro, among others)
Yoga (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, ayurvedic)
Personal Training
Energetic Healing
Life Coaching
Dietary Consultation
Fresh meal service based on the individuals clients preferences and metabolism

We continue to expand and are always happy to find a new service for a client if we don’t offer it yet.



5. Can you tell us about your behavior change coaching background, and how that has been incorporated into building Paris International Fitness?

My Father, who is a doctor in Columbus, Ohio, specialising in psychiatry and behavior change, first introduced me to the idea. Ever since then, I’ve been aware of the important role behavior change coaching has for a client who is, for example, trying to lose weight. At Pinfit, we like to combine the physical coaching with positive coaching and psychology techniques to help clients change their behaviors from the inside out.

Our naturopath and acupuncturist also help with this through helping clients get to the root of negative behaviors and free themselves, so that change becomes a question of personal growth rather than will power.


6. What makes Paris International Fitness stand out from the other well-being and fitness programs currently in Paris?

We stand out in that we have a team of specialists from many countries, speaking many languages, and offering a wide variety of services, so that we are truly able to focus on each client as a unique individual and serve them with the combination of services that work for them and their goals.

Also, all of our services are in-home, office, or outside, allowing clients to save the time that might be spent going to and from the gym.

Our entire team is dedicated to supporting our clients in their goals and in the changes they want to see.



7. What does the future hold for Paris International Fitness? Where do you see it going in 5 years time?

Throughout the next 5 years we will continue to expand our services based on what works best for clients, we will be offering packages of services prescribed to individuals for their specific goals. We may eventually have a studio where clients can come, if they prefer.

Most exciting to me is our continual growth in combining fitness and well being practices to obtain optimal results for positive change.

I’m also very excited about expanding over the next few years into Italy and Spain!


8. Just to finish off, what are your 3 top tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Great question!

1. Meditate daily-10 to 20 minutes-this helps you to develop mindfulness, which in turn naturally allows you to eat more healthfully and stick to your exercise program.

2. Do what you love and enjoy! The happier you are and the better you feel, the more energy you’ll have for exercise and the less you’ll want to binge or overeat.

3. Treat yourself to well-being. You deserve excellent self-care: massages, beauty treatments, any spa treatments. Give yourself lots of loving kindness.






  1. Dr. Thelma D. White : May 20, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Congratulations, Kristin!!! What a wonderful business and article!!! But I remember when you were fifteen and hanging out at our house!! Hugs, Thelma and Rick

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