The Villas of Paris


One of the great things about Paris is you can spend years exploring and still stumble upon hidden gems. In this week’s blog post, we give you a treasure map to find some of those hidden gems: the villas of Paris! A “villa” is a private street; though not all are private or gated, the real estate on the streets is generally considered luxe.


Villa Leandre

The Villa Leandre is one of the hidden gems of Montmartre. Known for its winding streets and steep hills, it is easy to get lost in Montmartre and find something you weren’t looking for. The next time you head to Montmartre, step off the beaten path and head to the Villa Leandre, an adorable English-inspired street off the peaceful residential avenue Junot. Villa Leandre was built to replace an old mill in 1926. It was originally called Villa Junot, but later was renamed to pay homage to a local artist Charles Leandre.

Each house has its own accent color, and the vines and greenery draping from the beautiful pitched-roofs is enough to make you fall in love. But don’t start packing up your apartment just yet! Rumor has it the apartments in these houses range in the €10,000 euro per month range.


Rue des Thermopyles 

If you find yourself in the 14th arrondissement spending the day as a flâneur, be sure to wander down the rue des Thermopyles, a gorgeous vine- and tree-lined street that will make you think you’ve left Paris. The facades covered in wisteria and ivy, the jagged cobblestone, the many bicycles, and the many many cats is enough to make you think you’ve wandered all the way down to Provence. 

The Rue des Thermopyles is named after the legendary battle of Thermopylae. The battle was fought in 480 B.C. in a narrow pass, the reason this narrow street took it’s name.

This street is home to many artists, who habitually leave books, furniture, and art on the street for visitors to take as they wish. There is an active association for the members of the street to maintain it’s artisan vibes. The association also organizes a yearly music and art event on the street.


Rue Crémieux 

Apparently someone was a fan of English architecture! Another English-inspired street in Paris is the rue Crémieux in the 12th arrondissement, this one is reminiscent of the famous Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Probably the most colorful street in all of Paris, each house on rue Crémieux boasts bright beautiful colors, from pink to green to electric blue.

This street is pedestrian only, making it perfect for wandering and taking pictures. The street was originally called Avenue Millaud, but was renamed in 1897 after Adolphe Cremieux who was a well-known advocate for human rights for the Jews in France and the world. You will also find a plaque dedicated to the flood of 1910 when the Seine River flooded the area, reaching up to 2 meters in height.


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