The Utterly Delicious La Tarte Tropézienne


The deliciously famous tarte from Saint-Tropez has finally made its way to Paris! Mouths watering, I went with my friend Andrea from Truffle Travel to go check them out.

La Tarte Tropézienne has been selling their delicious brioche and cream pastries since the mid 1900s down south but just a little over a week ago, the famous bakery opened a Paris location just outside of Mabillion metro in the 6th.

The pastries come in three sizes: Baby, Individual and the classic Tarte Tropézienne to share. The brioche pastry is covered in sugar crystals and the inside filling is a secret combination of three types of custards and creams.

Upstairs in their Paris location is a small tea room where you can sit and devour your newly purchased tarte. When we say little, however, we really mean little! There were three of us and the four 2-person tables were a bit of a squeeze for us. The huge glass facade is great for natural light and the soothing wood colors and modern lines make for a deliciously delightful little spot.

La Tarte Tropézienne
3 rue de Montfaucon
75006 Paris

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