The Secret Garden of Catherine-Labouré


While scooting down Rue Babylone on a friend’s Vespa yesterday, I stumbled upon a beautiful bit of greenery behind a mysterious stone wall and thought I would head over there today to check it out.

The Jardin Catherine Labouré is named after a young 19th century nun to whom the Virgin Mary was said to appear. The gardens were opened to the public in 1977 by the covent of the Daughters of Charity whose windows overlook the gardens.

Walking in through the big green doors on Rue Babylone, you enter an oasis of greenery. The gardens are made up of about 7,000 square meters of grass lawns, fruit trees, grape vines and more. Bring the kids to play in the small playground or sandbox and school kids can learn all about gardening in the community garden. The vine-covered pergola is a perfect spot to eat a quiet lunch or relax with a good book on the benches.

The grass is perfect for some summer sunbathing or picnicking with friends. You can walk along the cross-shaped outline of the gardens that show where the convent once stood and admire how this beautiful secret garden has withstood the test of time.

Jardin Catherine-Labouré
29 rue Babylone, 75006
Mon-Fri: 8h-20h30
Sat-Sun: 9h-20h30


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