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After the sleepy-eyed, new mommy-hood early months of 2016, when the days started to get a bit warmer and I started taking my new little bundle of joy out and about on the town, I realised that I was in desperate need of a refreshing new look! The Reporthair was the perfect solution!

After a quick phone call with a hair consultant to talk about my hair and what I was looking to have done, the delightful Anita showed up at my apartment with everything she needed to color and cut my hair. They assured me that they were equipped to deal with all kinds of Parisian apartments, no matter how small, and Anita set up shop right in my living room in just a few minutes.

Anita cut and colored my hair in the comfort of my own home and even helped me wash it out in my tiny Parisian bathroom. Not only was all of this in the comfort of my own home but it was probably the best hair cut I have gotten in Paris in my 15 years here! The balayage color gave me just that pop I needed for the spring and summer (even if the weather still screamed winter!) and all of this for the same price as most Parisian salons!

The Reporthair started as a newsletter and magazine for Paris hair salons. The two founders, Marie and Sophie, were frustrated with bad haircuts and wanted to help Parisians find quality salons. They took it a step further and launched their custom hair services in their clients’ homes and offices just this year. With their extensive network of quality hair stylists, they pair the hair stylist to the client based on their needs and their services include cuts, color (full or balayage) and styling for special events. Their prices are incredibly reasonable with a cut starting at just 55 euro !

Their services are perfect for those of us who don’t have the time to make it to a salon or for those of us who are constantly disappointed with their haircuts. The Reporthair guarantees that you are satisfied with their services and I am one happy mama ready to hit the town!



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