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France is a country that many expats migrate to for business, leisure, and for the opportunity to start a new adventure. At SFP, we pride ourselves on helping people make a smooth transition into life in Paris. We have built many great partnerships with various service providers in Paris, and we thought it would be useful to have a conversation with Mondassur, the leading expat insurance company in France, and answer some common questions we receive about expat insurnace. Mondassur can help find you the best plans based on your needs and budget, and with a small international team, you can comfortably build a good line of communication with your personal advisor.

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Choose a good insurance

Every year, thousands of people immigrate to France for work, studies, or family. Unfortunately, few
of them really know the importance of health insurance for themselves and their family in France before coming. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers by Mondassur, French important insurance company.


1. Why do I need an insurance for France ?

France is famous for its healthcare policy. Considered one of the best in the world,  though it does have its limitations. Depending on your situation in the country, you may not be allowed to receive allocations. This is why it is very important do your research before arriving in France and be sure to choose a good health insurance plan. French medicine costs are high and if you are not covered by a good insurance plan, you can find yourself being in debt for years.


2. What is my situation ?

As a worker in a foreign country, you generally fall into one of the following cases :

– I am a posted worker
It means that your contract depends on your home country and that you remain affiliated to its
healthcare system. Your company sends you for a fixed-term assignment in a foreign country. As
such, you should keep your home country’s healthcare the whole time you are abroad. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is strongly recommended that you take out a supplemental international insurance allowing you to have coverage for your expenses not covered by French social security, and for guarantees, such as repatriation to your home country.

– I am an expat
You may no longer depend on the social protection system of your country. Either your company sends you abroad with a specific contract, or you work in a French company. As such, if you have the right visa, you are considered to be a French resident and can benefit (but not always!) from the French healthcare system. In all cases, we recommend you to subscribe to a private expat insurance to avoid any issues.


3. What kind of insurance do I need ?

In both cases, you need to focus on some very important guarantees that provide the liability of an insurance. Here are some important points to notice :

– Coverage of hospitalization at 100%
– Management of current medicine
– Repatriation insurance
– Assumption of liability

Mondassur recommends the GoldImpat insurance, adapted for people who come to live in France for work or studies.
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Learn more about Mondassur

The team at Mondassur



There are a lot of different insurance companies in France, and choosing one can be a difficult task.
Mondassur has been established for more than 15 years in international travel and expatriation insurance. Here is what you need to know about them and how they can help you:


What made you decide to focus particularly on expat insurance plans?
After having worked in many countries for several years, Mondassur’s founder, Mrs Graffin, decided to create Mondassur to help people find good health protection no matter where they decide to expatriate. After having faced the difficulties herself to find a good insurance, Mondassur was thought of as an answer to all these questions that future expatriates would ask themselves and *offer the best assistance, and most in-depth knowledge, in France*

*(Get the most accurate and up-to-date information and assistance in France with Mondassur.)*


What does Mondassur offer that differentiates themselves from other insurance companies in France?
The main difference between Mondassur and other French insurance companies is certainly that we are a small team working together. All our customers have a dedicated advisor they can call for any information. Our customers are not seen as numbers, but as unique people with specific needs. At Mondassur we think that a good relationship between customers and their insurance team is the key to ensure a good collaboration.


What are the common issues expats run into when taking out insurance?
We would say that the most common issue faced by foreigners is ignorance about the need to take out insurance. The status of public healthcare is not the same at all from one country to another. Some people think they are covered by coming to France when they are not, and that is the danger. Moreover, some of them think they are covered by their credit card insurance which is, most of time, wrong. Our role in Mondassur is to break these beliefs and guide people to a good health insurance plan.


What is the process of setting up insurance through Mondassur?
It’s easy! Simply contact us by phone to introduce yourself and explain your situation and, together, we will find the best plan for you. You can also go on our website directly and ask for a free quote, and we will get back to you by email or phone with the best solution for you.


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