The Fish Club


Thanks to some fabulous gentlemen, we got reservations for the buzzed about new restaurant by Romee, Olivier and Pierre-Charles, the masterminds behind the cocktail movement in Paris. Their first food venture was The Beef Club that opened last year and just this past Tuesday, the boys opened it’s sister restaurant, The Fish Club, just next door!

The interior is filled with geometric prints and octogonal low dining tables very reminiscent of the decor at Cafe Pinson and our new coffee favorite Loustic (not a big surprise since the designer, Dorothée Meilichzon did all three). The Fish Club is the light and bright version of its low-lit and romantic meaty neighbor. Lots of natural light fills the upstairs dining area and fruity cocktails made from Piscos Waqar (the national alcohol of Peru and Chile made from grapes) go perfectly with the selection of seafood small plates.

The menu is served in a sort of tapas fashion of small plates that are shared with the table and are inspired by South American flavors – specifically Peru. You can start with some tarama and other nibbles, make your way down to the fried crab cakes with a mango-chive sauce, continue on with the citrus filled “Fish Club Ceviche” or the lime soaked Peruvian Traditos (thin slices of raw fish), devour some smokey squid and chorizo skewers and finish off with your choice of three types of oysters. If you want something a little more substantial, the lobster sandwich served with guacamole and veal juice will bring you right back to New England!

Given the freshness of the fish, it is no surprise that this spot is not super easy on the wallet but it isn’t outrageous either. Count 2-3 plates per person ranging from 5-22 euros a plate. Be sure to reserve ahead of time and go early! They only buy what is fresh so the later reservations might not have a full menu to order from.

After your meal, don’t forget to stop by the downstairs Le Ballroom du Beef Club for some more delicious cocktails.

The Fish Club
58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001


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