The Booming Coffee Culture in Paris Continues


At Savoir Faire Paris we love our daily coffee’s to get us through the weeks, as the hashtag goes #ButFirstCoffee – a moto that we live by daily! Fortunately for us, the future of coffee in Paris has been rapidly changing, meaning that finding your nearest cup of quality coffee is never too far away. The 1€ espressos from over roasted coffee beans at the bar of your typical brasserie are loosing out to those carefully crafted coffees by experienced baristas opening up “specialty” coffee shops all around Paris.




What separates these “speciality” coffee shops from other café’s is that they care about all aspects of the coffee that we are drinking from its extraction, origin, brewing and roasting process and its fair trade arrangements with unknown or small-scale coffee growers. A popular example of quality coffee beans being used in many of the new coffee shops is the Belleville Brûlerie, a Parisian roastery set up by three experienced roasters; David Flynn, Thomas Lehoux and Anselme Blayney. They have created the perfect coffee, which is the epitome of “specialty coffee”. Not only is the coffee fair trade and high quality, but it is locally roasted with fresh coffee beans, sourced from small scale coffee growers in Latin America who handpick their own beans. Their idea is to change the future of coffee in France by promoting this locally roasted, high quality coffee and to show that coffee can be enjoyed and presented in a range of different ways.


Previously on our blog we have shared some of our favourite coffee shops in Paris to experience quality coffee. Since then, the booming coffee culture has meant that more coffee shops have been popping up and our list of favourites continues to grow! Check out our previous suggestions, and if you’ve already worked your way through all of these then here’s some more for you to go and explore!




Hexagone Café
121 Rue du Château, 75014
Favourite drink >>> Cappuccino
Favourite snack >>> Hearty Tartines with jam for breakfast

52 Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010
Favourite drink >>> Dirty Chai Latte
Favourite snack >>> A slice of the homemade Pecan Pie

Melali Coffee Riders
10 Rue de la Fontaine du But, 75018
Favourite drink >>> Guayoyo (traditional Venezuelan coffee)
Favourite snack >>> You don’t go here to snack, only to enjoy the deliciously crafted coffees!

Café Kitsuné Paris 
51 Galerie Montpensier, 75001
Favourite drink >>> Matcha Latte
Favourite snack >>> Homemade cookie, whichever flavour is left on the day!

6 Rue Saint Marc, 75002
Favourite drink >>> Latte
Favourite snack >>> Go for breakfast and try their delicious homemade granola







  1. […] joint. Opened about a year ago, this place has become a Belleville hot spot, participating in the third-wave coffee revolution taking Paris by storm. Head over and order a cappuccino, sit at the window bar, and watch the world […]

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