Small Jewelry Boutiques in Paris

Sure we’ve all dreamed of getting a Cartier diamond or a Boucheron bracelet.   These are two famous French jewelry designers that everyone has heard of.  But for those of us that don’t quite have that sort of a budget, there are plenty of other cool jewelry shops in Paris that won’t break the bank.  Here are a few of our favorite places that offer original pieces and affordable prices without compromising style:

Matières à réflexion:

This boutique is awesome because they offer gorgeous rusted-out necklaces for layering, pendants and chains, all made by local designers.  Everything piece is beautiful and stylish, while their necklaces are really eye catching. They’re delicate and refined yet still modern and cool in that very Parisienne way.  Love recycling? Matières à Reflexion not only has great jewelry, but they’ve come up with a chic way to reuse by taking French army jackets, canvas bags and leather clothes and making them into new purses and other types of totes and bags.

19 rue de Poitou
75003 Paris 

Bird on the Wire:

Bird on the Wire has lots of delicate pieces of jewelry.  If you like all those trendy bird, leaf, and triangle symbolism pieces that have been popular recently, this place is for you.  Almost everything is done in either gold or silver, and the little pieces make for perfect gifts for all the important women in your life.  This boutique offers stationary, wall stickers, and Essie nailpolishes in addition to the jewelry.  You’ll find everything whimsical and girly all in one place.

2 rue de Lesdiguières
75004 Paris

Dante & Maria:

A completely one of a kind jewelry shop can be found by Canal St. Martin and Gare de L’Est.  In this cute and cozy space, you’ll find the walls and display cases covered in delicate pieces that are all a bit retro, romantic, and bohemian.  The boutique itself is reminiscent of another era, as it eschews anything too modern.  When browsing you’ll come across fine little bracelets, head bands, ring and necklaces that are very girly and whimsical.

3 rue de la Grange aux Belles
75010 Paris

Les Fleurs:

This adorable store is just as girly and airy as it’s name sounds.  This is a treasure trove for those looking for unique jewelry and knick knacks alike.  All of the jewelry is pastel and neon colored, so you won’t skimp on color when you shop here.  The mixture of modern and retro provides and all encompassing style for accessories that can go with any wardrobe.  You’ll find books, postcards, and purses that match the light springy colors of the jewelry.  There’s no way you’ll walk out of here without buying throw pillows, a set of bowls, or string lights in addition to your jewelry.

6 passage Josset
75011 Paris




  1. This closet looks so very lovely. It also looks enormous!! I am very jealous right now…

  2. Thx Caroline for including us 🙂
    PS : we are opening our new shop ‘Black Studio’ next to our historial store with a vernissage this coming wednesday if you want to po in !

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