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The French are known for their flawless and seemingly effortlessly beautiful skin. How do they do it, you ask? We still have yet to find all the answers, but below are our five favorite French skincare brands that, we think, get us one step closer to the world of perfectly French skin.

1. Huygens

An homage to Parisian physician and astronomer, Christian Hugens and his profound understanding of nature; Huygens uses these principles to return to the origins with a focus on bespoke products with natural and organic ingredients. All products are produced in France and Italy, and range from bath, body and hair products. Huygens also uses a unique and carefully curated mix of 100% natural essential oils as perfumes and aromatic creations.

2. Casanera

Casanera is a fully organic line of face and body products made of plant extracts and essential oils. The brand is based in Corsica, the “isle of beauty,” and we love how their light, beautifully scented anti-aging creams keep our skin looking healthy and young. The brand also has lovely soaps, candles, and fragrances alongside their skincare line.

3. Le Couvent des Minimes

Another all-natural brand that may just be your perfect French skincare line. Of all of the body, hair, face and even scents that Le Couvent des Minimes creates, our favorite is the 3-in-1 Micellar Water. It uses rose water to refresh, soften, and tone skin while protecting it from environmental particles.

4. Caudalie

Caudalie products were born in the vine-filled region of Bordeau and boast grape polyphenols known for their anti-aging properties. Their full line of expert skin-care products have made their way into the spotlight since their creation in 1993. We love their Vinoperfect Serum which helps promote an even skin tone and prevent dark spots.

5. Biologique Recherche

The Biologique Recherche methodology is based on a very clinical approach to beauty and skin care using pure, concentrated, raw ingredients combined with innovative and meticulous procedures. Their program consists of an “initialization” stage where the skin is assessed through a number of cleansing rituals, followed by a “treatment” stage where the skin is then reconditioned to a brighter, healthier, more natural state. Their Lotion P50 series has created quite a reputation for itself in the industry and we absolutely suggest you check out their impressive Champs-Elysees location for skin assessment and treatments.


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