In searching for a spot for a ladies lunch a few weeks ago, Gail of Perfectly Paris, Paula of Frenchy Rentals and Forest of 52 Martinis and The Chamber decided to trek to the depths of the 17th arrondissement to try Roca.

Roca is a new néo-bistro with talent coming from the kitchens of Le Richer and L’Office. We made our lunch reservation two days before and even added a 5th person into the mix and every time I called the phone was answered and each request was treated with very friendly service – something I really appreciate and is not always easy to find.

The decor seems to fit in the trend these days with a sleek and modern grey and natural wood furnishings and exposed stone walls. The menu is market-based and features 3-4 entrees, mains and desserts every day. While the menu is small, it is significantly varied to appeal to most taste buds with some pretty standard options and then one or two more creative choices for the more adventurous diners.

While this restaurant was a delightful ladies lunch spot, I would also recommend it easily as a neighborhood pick for the evenings. They have a large private dining room that seats up to 15 and would be great for a birthday party or evening with friends as well as a casual dinner for two.

Solid food, delightful atmosphere and excellent service make Roca a great addition to a very underserved area.

31, rue Guillaume-Tell
75017 Paris
Metro: Pereire


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