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Normandy farm boy, David Toutain crashed into the Parisian culinary scene with the creative and taste bud-tingling Agapé Substance a few years ago. When he left, he took his entire culinary team with him and all of Paris has been awaiting his next move since. Just before Christmas of last year, he reappeared with a fresh new restaurant, Restaurant David Toutain.

Dining with David Toutain is about so much more than food. Toutain pays attention to every detail from food to cutlery to decor in order to create an entire culinary experience. His new restaurant is bathed in light from the large floor-to-ceiling windows and the natural woods, soothing blues and ceramic details in the decor really put you at ease and prep you for the culinary explosion of ingredients and flavor that is the David Toutain tasting menu.

The entire menu is handwritten on beautiful parchment paper. You have the choice between two carte-blanche menus: the Polypode for 68 euro (118 euro with wine pairing) and the Reine des Prés for 98 euro (158 euro with wine pairing). There is also the Menu Truffe for 158 euro (210 euro with wine pairing) that focuses on the truffle. For lunch only there is a special 3-course menu for 42 euro. As we were there for a business lunch, we went for the 3-course menu, but diners should be warned…it is actually more like 8 courses with 5 amuses-buches. Definitely a good deal!

Every detail is thought out from the creative serving dishes to way in which diners are guided in eating the food in order to get the full burst of flavor. Dining at David Toutain is, as I said, a full experience, and in dining there, you are eating your way through his culinary imagination. His emphasis on new and creative ingredients tickles your taste buds and leaves you wondering where those amazing flavors came from.

The dining room has a large communal table that seats 6 and gives off the image of a rustic country table from Normandy. There is also a quiet mezzanine looking over the main dining area and out the large windows onto the quiet street that can be privatized for special dinners.

It is a unique, inviting, bright and dynamic space. A must-try, for sure!

Restaurant David Toutain
29, rue Surcouf
75007 Paris
Open Mon-Fri from 12h-14h30 & 20h-22h


  1. This looks fantastic! Will have to give it a try 🙂

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