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One of our most common requests here at SFP is a good place to get a haircut. I have been living in Paris now for over 14 years and, I hate to admit, I have yet to find the perfect hairdresser. I am in constant search of good recommendations for clients but also for myself so, we at SFP decided to scour some of the most recommended salons and hair stylists here in Paris to share our experiences with our lovely readers. For a full list of our favorite beauty service suppliers, check out our Treat Yo’Self post!

David Mallett | Best High End
14 Rue Notre-Dame des Victoires, Paris 2eme

Probably the most well-known and buzzed about salon in Paris, David Mallet is a prestigious and one-of-a kind experience. With a team that treats you like a queen (and a price that matches!), this swanky salon is located on the second floor of a 17th-century hôtel particulier in the 2nd arrondissement. The airy 370m2 space is set up like a classic Parisian apartment and decorated with elaborate birds and animals, throughout, like the 10-foot ostrich in the main room.

The professional and service-oriented team will no-doubt take good care of you and you will leave with a superbe cut. The down-side of this fabulous experience is the booking (on average at least a month in advance) and the price-tag (150 euro for a shampoo/cut/blow-dry with a senior stylist and 250 euro with David Mallett himself). If you have the budget, you won’t be disappointed!


Atelier 7 | Best Experience
36 rue des Tournelles, Paris 4ème

Atelier 7 is located on the small street of rue des Tournelles in the Marais. The interior is zen and loft-like with high ceilings, exposed stone walls and wooden beams. You are welcomed by a trendy, smiling hair stylist who will treat your head of hair like an artist’s canvas. One of the biggest selling points of this “bobo” salon is the incredible head massage. I was transported from busy stressful Paris to a world of pure relaxation and pampering in the 3-minutes that the salon assistant massaged my head.

I had my hair cut by Philippe who spent the entire time he cut my hair laughing and joking with me and his colleagues. Even though this was my first time at this salon, I immediately felt like a regular. The cut was chic and modern and, although a little shorter than I had planned (isn’t it always!?), I have been thrilled with the cut ever since. The price is a bit on the higher end, coming in at 90 euro for a shampoo/cut/blow-dry.

Messieurs-Dames | Best All-Around
5 rue Charles-François Dupuis, Paris 3ème.

Located on the oh-so-hip rue Charles-François Dupuis in the trendy NoMa (Northern Marais) district, this no-frills salon was set up in 2009 by the very talented (and English-speaking) Sebastian, who is available to book for cuts as well!The salon walls are covered with contemporary art exhibitions and the salon has a very vintage-edgy vibe. Messieurs-Dames is one of the only places in Paris to stock the fabulous Bumble&Bumble hair care line and their incredibly affordable prices (for Paris) come in at 65 euro for a shampoo/cut/blow-dry.

If it is a color you are after, look no further – Yumi is the salon’s colorist and she will take excellent care of you. The entire team really take the time to talk to you about what you are looking for and focus on creating styles that are easy to maintain and that grow out without loosing their shape.


Style Pixie Salon | Best English-Speaking
2 rue Edouard Vasseur, Ivry sur Seine 94200

Somewhere in my search for a great hair salon, I got so fed up with hairdressers not listening to what I wanted that I thought I would try the English-speaking Style Pixie Salon, located out in Ivry-sur-Seine on the line 7. The modern, although slightly kitsch salon is located just outside the metro, however, so no need to treck into the ‘burbs for kilometers on foot and the staff is absolutely delightful and welcoming.

My stylist was Victoria who not only provided me with a cut very close to what I had in mind, but also took the time to talk to me about my hair and how I should best care for it. The other customers in the salon were also all English-speaking which made for a nice little expat chatty experience and the price came in at the very reasonable 72 euro for a shampoo/cut/blow-dry.



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