Not Ready for Summer to End?


Neither are we! Summer in Paris is always full of unique activities, our favorite of which we shared with Wimdu in their feature. From Paris Plages to the péniches, rosé wine, and terrace hopping, the fun never stops! So if you’re like us and you’re not quite ready for la rentrée, here are SFP’s suggestions on how you can prolong your summer in Paris.

Food Trucks and Music

This one has been on SFP’s Event Calendar all summer and is continuing past la rentrée, the unofficial end to summer in Paris. Head over to the docks next to the Parc Andre Citroën in the 15th arrondissement for La Javelle, a food truck festival with a bar, music, and that tangible Parisian-summer ambiance. The food trucks change everyday and vary from lobster rolls to vegan burgers to thaï, so check out the website for the schedule and pick your poison!

 Feeling artsy?

Through September local artists and artisans will showcase their work on the esplanade of Parc de Belleville in the 20th arrondissement from 2pm-8pm every Saturday and Sunday at the Belvédère aux Artistes.  Everything from painters, jewelry designers, furniture makers and clothing designers will feature and sell their works each weekend to the public, through September 30th. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful view of Paris from up there, too!

Get your beach fix!

With everyone coming back from the South and Paris Plages ending in August, if you feel that beach craving creep in, pop over to LaPlage at Glazart in the 19th arrondissement. Through October 3rd, Glazart has set up their own beach, complete with sand, pétanque, food trucks, cocktails, and different DJs each night!


Nothing screams “Parisian Summer” more than picnics! When in Paris, do as the Parisians: take advantage of the late European sunsets and pick up some charcuterie and rosé and head to one of SFP’s favorite picnic spots. If you’re feeling lazy and want to head directly to your favorite picnic spot without all the fuss, call on Paris Picnic, who will deliver farm-fresh picnic baskets to your location, complete with picnic blanket and utensils for your perfect no-fuss “chic picnic.” For bonus points bring a set of boules de pétanque and enjoy some healthy competition!

For a lot of people, August means family time, which can be overwhelming for even the most patient of us! If you’re back from vacation and craving some “me time,” pick up a good book and head to one of the many public parks in Paris while the summer weather holds up. We at SFP are currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and My Paris Storya book of real stories by real women who have committed to the expat life in Paris.

Lastly, don’t forget to grab a scarf on your way out! Just because we want summer to last forever, doesn’t mean it does!


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