Male Fashion Must-Haves | Winter 2013/14


My second attempt at a blog post for Savoir Faire is in a field in which I feel a fair amount more comfortable! This week I’ve ditched the apron for a winter coat and will tell you a thing or two about what you could see being worn by men in Paris this winter.

The first thing to note is that menswear in Paris is always high quality and independent. This is not only because Parisian men naturally have more pride in their looks (some would argue it is European fashion capital), but also because laws in the city restrict the amount of chain outlets. As a consequence, male fashion is predominantly dictated by fashion week which then filters down to smaller boutiques. The stuff on show is going to be of a higher quality and more personable, than say London. Big brands are less aspirational in Paris and even France in general as its more about having aspirational style trends or looks. Individuality is key, which has also weirdly created a kind of subculture whereby semi chained brands (such as Supreme, Stussy and Lazy Oaf) which are usually hard to come by, are hugely valued by certain men.

For Winter 13/14, urban men are going to be wearing a lot of semi tailored, smart/casual wear. There’s a move away from the skinny look, which has been dominating menswear in Europe for the past few years, to the complementary fit, or draped style. Grey, black and white are back in (when are they not I hear you say) however this season there is a particular stress on prints and patterned clothing. So men in particular are going to be changing from simple, traditional blocked items into a more outlandish style. Alongside this, bold color and two tone menswear will be coming back in.

In terms of brands that you may see wandering through the streets, MORT Paris look set to be well up there.  They caused a big stir back at AW13 fashion week with models wearing the snapbacks that have become a staple of the youth outfit today.

Originally a work-wear brand in the US, Carhartt seem to have successfully taken over the Parisian youth look (as they have achieved in England), and you’ll see many a French teen rocking the signature Carhartt beanie. This takeover is easily understood, however, when you try on one of their coats and realise that no bitter Parisian wind will ever get through it! Check out their store in Galeries La Fayette or for a slightly cheaper price at 57 Rue du Temple.

Also keep an eye out for Pigalle Paris, at 57 Rue Henry Monnier. When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, they had a pop up store in Boxpark where they housed some of Paris’ best street-wear. Most of the stuff is pretty fresh and I certainly would have spilled some money if I had some!


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