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On an unseasonably cold April morning, I decided to check out a newly opened coffee haven in Beaubourg after hearing some buzz from our friend Kristen of The Kale Project.

A quiet, comfortable and friendly atmosphere welcomed us as we looked through our coffee choices and settled down in the quiet back room. The décor is a little eclectic with lots of graphic wallpaper and almost an Aztec pattern on the couch cushions a little reminiscent of Café Pinson. Not a big surprise as the two coffee shops share the interior design genius of Dorothée Meilichzon who is known for her work on the Experimental bars.

Walking in, there is a long banquette with small octagonal tables for a quick coffee and a cake and as you continue into the back, there is an elevated level with long couches and larger tables. The atmosphere of Loustic really calls for quiet and relaxation. It is a real  relaxing haven from the busy city.

Loustic, first and foremost, is a coffee shop. Their coffee comes from Cafénation in Belgium and the coffee served will change every 2-4 weeks. They serve cheesecake and other goodies from Chez Rachel, like at The Broken Arm, and have a new lunch menu that changes daily.

“We are trying to do something a little different here,” said the London native who owns Loustic. Everything on their menu brings a fresh new component to the coffee shop community in Paris, like a sandwich poulet-crudités but with a Japanese flare courtesy of culinary coffee shop gurus Emperor Norton or serving some of Kristen’s delicious Kale products like Kale pesto.

Loustic was opened as a neighborhood spot geared towards the quartier locals and are not trying to explode on the Paris it-scene. It is a wonderful quiet sanctuary of coffee, friendly service and delicious treats and they hope to stay that way.

They will soon be projecting old French films on the back wall so check in to see what exciting things are happening at Loustic, have a great coffee and some Kale and keep quiet so this gem stays the way it is!

40, rue Chapon
75003 Paris
Open 7 days a week!



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