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It is well known that the SFP Team love their coffee and their cocktails so you can only imagine the excitement when we heard buzz of a new place that combined both under one roof! The eagerly anticipated Lockwood opened its doors just before the holiday season and we popped in for a coffee and a cocktail with our friend Meg of De Quelle Planète Es-Tu?


Lockwood is a coffee shop by day, cocktail bar by night hybrid opened by the three Lehoux brothers who have earned some serious street cred over the past few years individually with places like Ten Belles, Silencio and more recently, Belleville Brulerie (not to mention a few hotspots abroad in London and Sydney). They have come together to create an innovative new Paris hangout that bring together their respective expertise in a 2-floor coffee house and bar in Sentier.

Opening as early as 8am, start your day off at Lockwood with a morning espresso with coffee from (you guessed it!) Belleville Brulerie. Sit on the high bar-stools and stare down into the glass cabinets of curiosities, read one of their classic books from the book shelf or just enjoy the warm cozy atmosphere while you sip your coffee. Pair that with a tartine of museli and head off to work. Or don’t! Lunch kicks in with soups, salads and sandwiches for 6.50 euro. The non-stop coffee house service throughout the day is enough to rave about but at 6pm is when the real fun happens.

The Marzocco coffee machine shuts down, cocktail menu’s are distributed to the high stooled-tables and by 6:30pm a spread of fresh bruchettas, meats, bean dip, olives, cheese and fruits are displayed. L’heure de l’apéro has begun. Apéro-style cocktails like the Aperol Spritz, Negroni or Martini range from an uber affordable 7 euro – 13 euro and with the purchase of a cocktail, you are invited to fill your plate with the above-mentioned goodies and cheers to the beginning of a wonderful evening.

 From 8pm on, the swanky stone cellar-like bar opens with a different menu of classic and more innovative cocktails to sip on the velvety-blue seats. The labyrinth of rooms includes two small rooms that can be reserved for what looks like about 10-15 people, a larger bar room with beautiful rustic wood bar and shelving, and another lounge room with tree-trunk tables and aztec-like wall accents.

Lockwood is like no other place in Paris. It is truly the best of what each brother has to offer and has been opened as a real family affaire. The apples used in their homemade apple juice even come from their family’s orchard in Sartre. We know this place will soon be packed so head early before everyone is talking about it!


73 rue d’Aboukir, 75002
Hours: Monday-Saturday; 8am-2am
Metro: Sentier




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