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After our wonderful yoga session a few weeks ago with Meritxell, we have been exploring some of Paris’ best personal fitness specialists and Kristin Merryman, who started InFlow Fitness, is exactly that.

Kristin offers in home or office personal training that includes Strength Training and Cardio and has added other trainers to her team that offer Pilates and Yoga classes as well. She specializes in private or small group sessions but has offered larger classes in parks throughout the city in nice weather. Kristen, an American expat, offers classes in English but also in French and in Spanish!

In her one-hour long training sessions, Kristin draws inspiration from weight lifting, CrossFit, Yoga, Purebarre and Parkours to create a customized, well rounded work out for each client. In my private session with her last week, we chatted about business, life in Paris and more as Kristin corrected my form and had me jumping and squatting all around my apartment. It was a wonderful full-body work out, right from my living room and a total blast!

After such a grueling workout, one wants nothing more that a great meal, right? Kristin is an all around fitness and health expert and is looking to add personal chef options to her company where even the busiest people will be able to come home to a nutritious, healthy and delicious meal.

Kristin’s rates are 80 euros/session but she has packages of 10 sessions for 70 euros/session (700 euros total) and 20 sessions for 60 euros/session (1 200 euros total). She has offered all Savoir Faire Paris clients a nice discount if the booking comes through us so don’t hesitate to contact us for details.

Also, keep an eye out for next month’s newsletter for a special limited-time offer for Savoir Faire Paris clients and readers this month!



  1. How do you get in touch with Kristin?
    I am looking for an amazing personal trainer in paris!

  2. hi, im searching for personal training couse in france but in english, would u plz help me

  3. I’m totally looking for a personal trainer agent and I’m totally comfortable with moving out and working as soon as possible.

  4. I’ll move to france permanently

  5. hi, im searching for personal training course in Paris but in english, would u plz help me

  6. Donatella Cuocci : December 11, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Where do you train normally? Can you train at 6am? Thanks

    • Hi Donatella, if you’d like to send us your email address we’d be happy to put you in contact with Kristin. She can do 6am training and would be happy to meet you where it’s convenient for you. Best, Samara

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