Holybelly = Happybelly

Brunch has been a ‘thing’ in Paris for the past couple of years.  French restaurants having been trying to capitalize on this trend, but I’m starting to think they needed some outside perspective to perfect the movement.  Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary have done just that with their new Holybelly Café! The Parisian pair traveled to Australia for three years where Nico worked as a barista and Sarah worked as a chef.  This experience translates to their fluid dynamic in which Sarah works meticulously and passionately behind the scenes while Nico performs his magic with customers at the front of the café.  The combination of deliciously filling food and upbeat service makes for a classic brunch experience.

When you think of a classic brunch experience, what’s the first things that comes to mind? I’m going to read yours: Bacon! And guess what?! Holybelly Café serves bacon! Cue the halleluiah chorus. And eggs.  Scrambled eggs! Poached eggs! I don’t know about anyone else but successfully producing a poached egg is nearly impossible for me, so I’ll leave it to the pros at Holybelly. Oh, and did I mention that they have oatmeal. And scones.  And muffins. I could go on, but the point is that the food is fresh, bio, and packed with American favorites for some quality brunching.  This menu runs through noon, and after that there are an assortment of cakes, cookies, and other baked goods in addition to the coffee drinks that are served all day!

But maybe what I like best about Holybelly is the cheeriness that seems to light up the interior.  I happened to arrive on their opening day and my waitress was unbelievably friendly, while Nico instantly made me feel at home by cracking jokes and whipping up my fluffy cappuccino.  You can tell that Sarah, Nico, and the rest of the staff are really committed to being inviting and exceptional hosts.  They even documented their whole journey to open the café here.

This is the sort of place where you’ll want to bring friends to catch up during the lunch hour, where you’ll want to pour over a book, or where you’ll simply want to try your luck at the pinball machine (an unconventional and charming touch).  The energy and warmth that radiate from this café will be what makes the impending winter months bearable.  All I can say is that now my satisfied belly and reinvigorated spirit make me a devout Holybelly disciple!

Holybelly Café
19 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010
+33 9 73 60 13 64
Metro: Jacques Bonsergen


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