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One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the food. So you want to make sure that the meals served at your wedding are perfect, right? Here are some of our tips when dealing with caterers in Paris.

Caterers in Paris are usually supplied by the venue that you choose. Sometimes they have a few options for you to choose from or sometimes when you sign the venue contract, you are signing an imposed catering contract as well. Naturally, this stressed me out a great deal. That said, the reality is that in all likelihood a venue would not exclusively work with a caterer that was not good, right? Most likely. Either way, here are some of our suggestions to make sure you have a flawless caterer:

1.  Request a sample menu or a menu of choices as soon as possible. This will allow you to get an idea of the options and type of food the caterer serves.

2. Make sure you have a tasting! Try to do this before you sign the contract, if possible. That way, if it is awful, you can still get out of it.

3.  Discuss with the caterer what services they will be offering. We are supplying our own desserts for our wedding. That means, however, that the caterer is not required to supply plates and forks for dessert. We discussed this with them and they are willing to cut and plate the cake for us but we will have to supply our own plates.

4. Be sure to know when they will be arriving, how long they take to prepare and make sure that they know when they will be expected to serve what.

5. If they are serving a cocktail or if your meal will be served as a cocktail dinatoire be sure to see how big each piece is and how many pieces will be served per person. For example, if a caterer says they will serve 20 pieces per person but each piece is the size of an olive, that is not enough.

Caterers will also supply drinks. This can also be pretty heavily marked up but if you opt to bring your own, you might encounter more problems like de-corking charges from the venue or the caterer.  As for the centerpiece of the desert table, we ordered our cake from the fabulous Cat at SugarDaze but there are some other wonderful cake makers like Alisa from Sweet Pea Baking (who is making a wonderful selection of pies for us as well) and the well-known Sugarplum Cake Shop in the 5th.

My final word of advice is to be sure to have everything in writing and make sure to read any price estimates and contracts completely through to avoid any sneaky charges and make sure that everything is clear and runs smoothly on the “big day!”



  1. Dear Sasha,
    The tips provided were useful! We are planning our elopement in or near Paris for 20 people in 6-6-16 could you please provide the contact of the cater for your wedding? And any other information about wedding planner in general? your venue, florist, officiant etc… We decided to elop in or near Paris but it has been hetic planning the elopement from abroad.

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