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Though the weather might not look it, it is officially spring. All across the city, plants are starting to pop up in gardens and trees are beginning to bud. The perfect way to bring that spring spirit home is by planting your own flowers! Though most of us are not fortunate enough to have a garden to plant bright, colorful flowers in, there are other ways to bring touches of spring plants into your life. You can get creative with potted plants on your balcony or hanging planters on the exterior railings of windows. Or spread the spring cheer throughout your apartment with some indoor plants.

There are many locations around Paris to pick up any kind of plants you could want. Florist usually sell potted plants, though the selection varies based on the florist and the season. Some offer mostly indoor plants like orchids and fruit trees and others selling pansies and daffodils to plant in larger pots or hanging planters. And for those among us without green thumbs, there are always the beautiful bouquets of flowers for sale.

If you are looking for a larger selection, the Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux on Ile de la Cité is great a place to check out! Located in pavilions dating back to the 1900s, the different gardeners that operate stands here offer a wide variety of flowers, fruit trees and even shrubs for those people that have larger garden space to fill. Even if you are not looking for a plant, these historic pavilions are worth the visit. If you don’t have time to go to Ile de la Cité, many neighborhood markets will also sell plants.

Once you have your plants, you also will need to buy things to plant them in. Usually florists will only sell the plant itself without much of a selection of containers. That’s where the big home improvement stores like Castorama and Leroy Merlin come in. Though most of the Parisian locations don’t sell plants, they do sell everything else you might need to decorate your balcony for spring.

One of favorite go-to spots for anything plant related is Truffaut. A large garden store, they sell everything from plants to gardening supplies to garden decorations. The amount of plants that they offer is staggering. Walking into their location in the 13th arrondissement is like walking through a huge tropical greenhouse, complete with fruit trees, bonsai, and other exotic plants. Have you even thought about starting your own vegetable garden? Then Truffaut is the place to go! Their focus is not just on decorative flowers and trees but also vegetable plants. You can pick up all the accessories needed to start your very own garden in one stop. They even have an online store and you can get things delivered right to your apartment.

By being a little creative and finding interesting, colorful plants at the places I have mentioned, you can transform your apartment into a flower garden perfect for springtime. Bring on the warm weather, Paris!



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