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As we are all aware Paris is rapidly climbing the trendy food chain with many new hot spots opening up all around the city. To keep up with this increasingly growing industry there’s a real need for Paris to expand it’s previously poor food delivery service with pizza and sushi being the only real choice of take out.

Fortunately for us, a new generation of food delivery services have come onto the market meaning that we can now order food from any place we want! Snack-based, international, gourmet or street-food style cuisine has now become available to us with the click of a few buttons and a very minimal waiting time. What more could we ask for in these cold wintery months?


Here’s a few of our favourite, tried and tested, food delivery services in Paris…

*Update* We will post an updated version of this blog post in the coming months. Take Eat Easy has since gone out of business, and we no longer recommend Foodora, as the delivery is very slow and customer service awful. We recommend Uber Eats or Deliveroo for on-time orders every time.




As specified on Deliveroo’s website the average delivery time is 32 minutes at the cost of 2,50€ per delivery which, quite frankly, is a bargain! Depending on which restaurant you order from the delivery time can change in terms of distance from your apartment. The eco-friendly service delivers by bicycle and comes straight to your front door with delicious goods from Parisian favourites such as Big Fernand, Floyd’s, Frenchie To Go and many more! Enjoy this service everyday from noon to 11pm via their iPhone app or website.


Take Eat Easy
With no geographical limitations and a 2,50€ delivery fee, Take Eat Easy is an excellent, green delivery service who negotiates rates with restaurants and is sure to have your food delivered to you within 30 minutes. They are willing to go anywhere in the city to collect the food of your choice whether it’s the crispy fried chicken from Hero, breakfast pancakes from Pancake Sisters or a delicious pizza from Lucky Luciano. Take Eat Easy delivers in and around Paris, Montreuil and even as far out as Vincennes, and the food is always delivered with a friendly smile and with well maintained food presentation. For ease in ordering, check out their app for both iPhone and Android! The rapidly growing service is expanding soon into other major cities in Europe. Watch this space…





Similarly to the other delivery services, Foodora also promises to deliver food to you within 30 minutes by bike courier. From our experience, they have always been very punctual and responsive and charge only 2,50€ per delivery.  Restaurant choices will differ according to your address so you may not always be able to order from the specific restaurant of your choice, though you’ll still be given a wide range of options. Basically, the better the area you live in for food, the better your choices are! Foodora’s phone app is available for both iPhone and Android. Some of the more well known restaurants they deliver from are Grilled Cheese Factory, Chambelland and Schwartz’s Deli.


Resto-in is one of the SFP favourites due to the quality and presentation of how the food is delivered to you. There is less of a “take out” feel to it and more of a direct from the restaurant kind of experience. The delivery time falls within an average of 45 minutes depending on how close the restaurant is to your home. The choice of restaurants is vast with some quality options such as grilled cheese from La Paranthèse or Au Pied du Cochon for something a little more fancy or, to satisfy your sweet tooth, some delicious ice-cream from Amorino. Download the resto-in app to test it out, and should you have any questions, chat with someone directly online with their “online chat” feature.


Thankfully Uber still exists in Paris, meaning we’re lucky enough to have been introduced to UberEats. Given the 11:30 – 2:30pm time slot, UberEats caters mainly to the average working person who wants lunch to be delivered to their office when they have no time to go searching for themselves. The limited choice menu for each working day of the week means we don’t spend hours deciding what we want for lunch! This is the perfect delivery service for the busy working person who has no time to waste. As long as you have the Uber app set up on your phone then you’re good to go, and your wait will only be approximately 10 minutes! Happy days!




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