Fit and Fab in Paris | Part 3: Nutrition

Welcome back to Paris! We hope that all of you had a fantastic summer full of fun and feeling good. Kirstin is back with this month’s blog entry as the third and final post in her series of fitness and wellness. There are constantly new creators popping up around our beautiful city, offering new ways to eat healthfully and love it. Here are her favorite picks:

Photo by Become Paris

1. Become
Become is my Paris-based business with services currently expanding to London, the French Riviera and beyond. Depending on where a client would like services, we offer the option of bringing an expert fitness, wellness, or nutrition specialist with you as you travel the world. We offer a team of specialists in the fields of fitness, well being, and nutrition, who work together, offering each a client an individualized package to support them in staying healthy and in shape no matter their schedule or travel plans.

The nutrition specialists at Become include nutritionists, dieticians, and naturopaths, each with their own style and philosophy. As the director and founder of Become, I will match you with the expert who matches your personality and goals around nutrition. In case you aren’t sure what the difference is between a nutritionist and a dietician, here is a basic definition of each:

-Nutritionist- Nutritionists are experts in food and diet, having studied the affects of diet, nutrition, and supplements on the body and health. The title of nutritionist can be used by anyone, however most nutritionists do have professional training, including a degree in nutrition science, and possibly a graduate degree or PhD, though they are not qualified to diagnosis disease.

-Dietician- Dieticians are also experts in food and diet, and in general the role of a dietician is more regulated than that of a nutritionist. Dieticians have earned a bachelor’s degree in a subject such as nutrition science, followed by an internship at a health care facility or other company where they hone their skills with an experienced dietician. They are then required to take a national examination in order to practice as a registered dietician.


2. 5/2 A la Francaise
This creative and cutting edge business, serving Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Issy-les-Moulineaux, Neuilly-sur- Seine, was created by Delphine de Montalier, as a result of her personal search for a way to eat delicious and seasonal food while maintaining her desired weight and feeling energized.

The philosophy of 5/2 is 5 days of eating a normal amount of calories with a balanced diet
and 2 days of a fasted diet per week. The fasted diet days are 500 calories for women and 600
for men. This is where 5/2 comes in. They prepare seasonal, delicious, clean eating dishes that are delivered to you at home or a work, for your days of fasting, which makes staying on track easy and attainable, no preparation and no clean up.

This style of eating allows the body’s digestive system to rest and cleanse. Many participants of 5/2 attest to the fact that they feel more energized in general when following this program, especially the day after the fasting day. For Delphine and her clients, 5/2 is not a diet, rather a lifestyle. The fasting days aid in releasing extra weight in a safe and healthy way, and all menus and calorie measurements are approved by their nutritionist, Charlotte Debeugny. A concern could be feeling hungry and strong cravings on the reduced calorie days, however, having tried it myself, I can assure you that it is possible to feel satisfied with these carefully designed meals, and it also allows you to learn where you want to allocate your energy because you don’t have extra to use with things like worry, stress and anxiety. The 5/2 lifestyle is revitalizing and brings a peace of mind that is so precious to those of us who desire who desire calm and tranquility living in the city.


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Course à pied Dimanche

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3. Kristin Merryman Body Transformation Coaching
This is my business. I am a personal trainer, transformational coach, and founder of Become Fitness and Wellness. In my coaching practice, I specialize in body transformation, using physical, mental and emotional guidance, combined with professional dietician consulting and personal training. I offer different packages, creating custom designed options, to get each client the right combination of techniques, so they can attain the real results they desire. Coaching with my is the right choice for you if you desire to lose weight, feel better in your body, or get in better physical shape, and you know you need support and guidance to transform from the inside out. I’ll work with you on discovering what your unique blocks and challenges are that have kept you from allowing yourself to have the body you desire, and will then give you the tools to transform hindering beliefs and habits that are holding you back. Coaching can be done in person or by video sessions using Zoom, so no matter where you are in the world, you can keep you your progress. Coaching is available in English, French and Spanish.

Contact: Kristin Merryman +33 06 01 14 32 63


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Bon week-end !!!!

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4. Le Cairn Coffee Shop
Le Cairn is a cute and cozy coffee shop, located close to the Eiffel Tower, run by a mother and son team, who always offer a warm and welcoming attitude. I felt rejuvenated just going in and ordering. Francine Puel founded the shop in the spirit of offering gourmet treats and meals in the front of the café, and running her naturopath practice in the back. All of the sumptuous treats, sweet and savory, that you’ll find at Le Cairn are 100% gluten free, organic, and locally sourced. In her spacious back office, Francine offers holistic naturopath care, using energy work, floral tinctures, and diagnosis through examining the eyes, among other methods. You can tell a lot by the colors that show up around the pupil and the iris. When I went to see her for a diagnosis, I was amazed at everything she could tell about my body, health and diet, simply from looking at the different markings in my eyes.

Francine is gentle, and truly cares about each of her patients. Le Cairn coffee shop is a special, under the radar spot, where you can find comfort, a wholesome meal and naturopathic health care done with grace and love.


5. Nutritionist Charlotte Debeugny
Charlotte is a gifted nutritionist from England, based in Paris, bilingual, who has authored many books on how to change the way you eat and still be a foodie! She believes in combining the pleasure of eating with health consciousness, in order to feel energized, and enjoy food without deprivation. She completed a masters degree in nutrition, food, and health at the University College of Dublin. In the last year she also completed a masters degree in Public Health.

Her philosophy is to give her clients the keys to success through coaching them in eating well, changing their habits, and cooking seasonal ingredients. Charlotte is also the official nutritionist for 5/2 à la Française. Her books include: Comment J’ai Décroché de La Viande, Comment J’ai Adopté La Regime Gras, and, Comment J’ai Décroché du Gluten. All of which are available in English and French.
When you book a consultation with Charlotte, you will receive a full body measurement, breaking the body down into percentages of muscle, fat, liquid and bone. You’ll also get a whole month meal plan based on your specific metabolic and nutritional needs. Charlotte is easy to talk to, full of life, joy and encouragement. If you are looking for a scientifically based approach including compassion and a focus on enjoy food, Charlotte is a great match.


6. Jules and Jess- Healthy and seasonal catering in Paris
Jessica Romer and her mom, Jess, are the creators of Jules and Jess, now run and directed by Jessica who is also the head chef. Jessica is passionate about healthful, creative, seasonal catering. She comes from the Paris fashion scene, having previously worked as a stylist, and now caters for large and small events for clients such as Vogue, Vanessa Bruno, and WWD. French, American, and world cuisine influence her cooking style. Jessica is used to cooking for a lean figure, thanks to providing lunches for models on photo shoots around Paris. Her food is beautiful, as you can see on her Instagram account. She uses seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible, is fun to work with thanks to her can do attitude, and is also fluent in English and French. For any event, whether it’s an intimate dinner or a formal soirée, Jessica is your woman!

Contact: Jessica Romer: +33 06 46 17 34 43
Instagram: June.and.Jess


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