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About a week ago Brian Pirolli of Where is Bryan?Smart Planet, and ½ of the mastermind behind this weekend’s Cupcake Camp Paris and our friend, Tess, went to dinner at Derrière restaurant in the 3rd. We had planned a dinner to catch up as friends but this restaurant turned out to surprise us with much more than just some good food.

Derrière was designed as an apartment-style venue where you feel like you are welcomed into someone’s (very large!) apartment for an intimate dinner party. When reserving your table, you can choose your dining location, whether it’s the lounge, large dining room, bedroom (equipped with queen-size bed) or the private-dining feel of the boudoir. The décor is a fun mix of styles from flea-market nick-knacks to contemporary artworks by artists from China, France and the Middle East.

The name of the restaurant comes from its hidden location behind the 404 and Andy Wahloo. It is a little unclear where the entrance to the restaurant is but once you turn the corner into the tree-lined courtyard behind the 404 and step into the main dining room of Derrière, it is clear you have entered into much more than a restaurant.

We were seated in the Moroccan-style lounge with low tapestry-covered couches that made for a sort of lounge feel. Looking at the menu, the food is French, simple and wholesome. We shared the crab salad and the fois gras between the three of us. While the crab salad didn’t seem to contain all that much crab, the fois gras with chutney was perfection. Our appetizers were followed by three different fish courses, all accompanied by roasted root vegetables that were perfectly seasonal and delicious. All in all, the menu was solid. Nothing seemed all that innovative or eye opening but the fish was cooked perfectly and there were really no complaints.

Derrière, however, is about so much more than just the food. The cocktail list was impressive and the atmosphere is fabulous. There is a ping-pong table in the middle of the dining room and don’t get me started on the mystery room behind the armoire! It is a true experience and definitely a place where I plan on returning.

The prices seemed a bit high for what we were eating but the atmosphere and interactive evening made up for the prices. A wonderful place for a fun romantic date or a girl’s night out. Everyone of any age will find Derrière a whole lot of fun.

69 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003
01 44 61 91 95
Metro: Arts et Metiers (lines 3 & 11)

PS – Sorry for the grainy pictures. The mood lighting in the restaurant does not combine well with the iPhone camera!



  1. ooooh! I love secret rooms behind armoir doors! And how bizarre and fun, a ping pong table in the middle of the room. Will certainly give it a swirl!

    Am sending a shout out on the blog for your guest post. Thank you again, cherub!

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  3. I keep meaning to give this place a try again. I had an AWFUL experience there and ended up leaving before we even ordered. :-S I also remember glancing at the menu and being like ‘overpriced much?’. At least for that price I expected nice staff!

    • Good to know, Meg. I would encourage you to try it again and see how you feel. The service we had was not exceptional but we had no complaints.

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