Crêperies in Paris | How to Choose!


A crêpe is to Paris what pizza is to New York City.  Crêperies can be found in every corner and on virtually every street.  There are several areas around the city where the concentration is particularly high and crêperies line the streets.  How in the world does one choose!!  As a historically indecisive person, I’ve been faced with this same dilemma.  Allow we to shed some light on a few nuggets of information that may aide in at least knowing what to look for and what you want.  C’est parti!

There are two dinning options when deciding to eat a crêpe: take away, usually over-the-counter style, or dine-in.  Although the price jumps a tad when dining in, it’s worth it if the desired experience and ambiance are found and met.  The other thing to consider, especially if you are gluten sensitive, is whether to have a classic crêpe (crêpe de froment) or a buckwheat, flour based galette (galette de sarrasin or blé noir).  The later is clearly the gluten-free option and can be found in both take-away or dine-in settings.  Galettes are equally delicious, although a bit trickier to make.

Since crêpes originate in Brittany, the traditional “Britannique” crêperies are generally what I favor when opting for a sit-down joint.  Plus, they have the best cider! And if you want the “real” experience, well, cider is part of that equation.  La Crêperie Bretonne, Fleurie is a little gem in the 11th where excellent service, reasonable prices and top quality food are all wrapped up in one.  Their camembert, tomato and walnut crêpe will have you begging for more!  Another more “gastronomique” option is Le Breiz Cafe – La Crêpe Autrement in the Marais.  This chic and modern cafe is matched with traditional excellence as they serve up the finest seasonal ingredients.  The outcome is divine!   Both of these address offer crêpes and galettes.

For an on-the-go experience, there a couple spots that have proven themselves faithful.  Au Petit Comptoir is tucked away in Montmartre, just in front of the artist square, Place de Tertre, next to the Sacre Coeur.  The crêpes are fresh, generously made and so, so tasty!  This is a perfect stop to take visiting friends while roaming through the romantic streets of Montmartre.  Crêperies des Arts is another excellent quick option while in the St. Michel area.  Dine-in is also an option here.  Just a few minutes away is L’Avant Comptoir, where they always offer a tasty “crêpe of the day”.  The restaurant just inside (where they do no.t serve crepes) has excellent food as well.  Be prepared to wait in line for this one.

Even though we do not claim to be crêpe experts, hopefully these select few among a the vast sea of choices in Paris will meet your cravings and be added to you list of favorites.

Please share with us your favorite creperies!!

Bon apetit!


La Crêperie Bretonne, Fleurie

67 Rue de Charonne, 75011

Open Monday – Saturday


Le Breiz Cafe – La crêpe autrement

109 rue du Vieille du Temple, 75003

Open Wednesday – Sunday


Au Petit Comptoir

8 Rue Norvin, 75018

Open Monday – Saturday


L’Avant Comptoir

3 Carrfour d’Odeon, 75006

Open every day







  1. Yum, yum! Thanks for the list and recommendations. Will definitely be stopping by these places when in Paris this summer!

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  3. My all-time favorite is Josselin!!!

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