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On a calm Sunday night after the Paris Marathon, we made our way into a calm apartment on the boarder of the 11th and the 20th arrondissements for a new supper club dining experience by the name of Crave.

The duo behind Crave gets their talent from Ferrandi Culinary School. Camile, who is half French, half American and Rita, born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, started Crave in order to show off their culinary creativity outside of school and internships.

The two young ladies bring fresh new flavor combinations to their meals that are based on the market-fresh ingredients they find at the Parisian marchés.

Our meal started off with an elderflower, ginger and champagne cocktail and was followed by a deliciously thick smoked bacon and charred bread soup. The produce of the moment is asparagus and Camile and Rita paired green and white asparagus with hazelnut infused milk and lemon zest. We also devoured some miso mackerel that was just the perfect pairing of sweet and tangy and all eight of us were in awe of the slow cooked pork rib in brown butter served with seared cabbage, an apple-mango chutney and a potato Mille-feuille. The meal was finished off with a chocolate sponge cake served with coffee jelly, hazelnut shreds, violet flowers and a mascarpone cream.

Camile and Rita serve these mouthwatering meals every other Sunday. The locations will vary and the menu is always different. All of this for a requested donation 39€, wine not included. You bring whatever you would like to drink and, although they are far from sommeliers, Camile and Rita do their best to serve what goes best with each course.

Camile and Rita are bringing something young, fresh and delicious to the Paris culinary scene and the relaxing supper club atmosphere allows you to really enjoy their creativity in a casual dinner party atmosphere. The two ladies are doing their post-graduation internships and then we will see where they land. Lets hope this Ferrandi dining tradition continues!

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  1. It was indeed an excellent meal, and it was so lovely to meet you as well. I hope we run into each other again!

  2. Love reading about all these creative, inspired upstarts. Thanks for sharing!

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