Auctions & Auction Houses in Paris

Auction houses  in Paris come in all shapes and sizes and handle everything from consignment sales to fine art auctions. The auction experience makes art and collectibles accessible to the broadest possible audience and offers a fresh way to discover, browse and buy premium pieces.  Here are some of the best auctions to find hidden gems and many unique pieces that you won’t find at traditional stores or even French markets:



Galerie Liova-Marc Perpitch:

This dealer specializes in Medieval, Renaissance and 15th to early 17th century fine furniture and decorative pieces. Among its collection of Gothic and Renaissance antiques, you can also find a diverse collection of mirrors and globes. The gallery was established over 50 years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Perpitch.

240 blvd St. Germain
Metro: Rue du Bac


Village Suisse:

This original site of the Swiss exhibition of 1900 now houses 150 antiques dealers and decorators with French furniture, African art and rare 18th century pieces.  Buyers beware though, this isn’t ‘vintage ‘ or ‘pre-loved’ merchandise. These are serious antiques at serious (and hefty) prices!

54 avenue de la Motte-Picquet
Metro: La Motte-Picquet Grenelle



The Drouot Auction house has a total of 21 sale rooms split over 4 locations. Each location has its own speciality: paintings, furniture, objets d’art, light vehicles, tools etc. See website for details.  With its bold mix of genres and periods, this is a hot spot for antique collectors who are open to many different antique styles.

9 rue Drouot
Metro: Richelieu – Drouot



It will come as no surprise that this world-famous auction house has a location in Paris. Art deco, art nouveau, European silver or 20th century paintings fill their Paris site.  In 2012, Sotheby’s achieved 37 world artist records and sold 20 artworks for more than a million euros. This auction house, in particular, confirms Paris’ important role on the international art market!

76 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore
Metro: St Phillip du Roule

La Boite de Musique:

Antique shop specializing in music boxes and other musical objects, this is a music lover’s paradise.  In addition to music boxes, this auction house sells musical toys, musical slot machines, and singing birds.

96 rue du Bac
Metro: Rue du Bac




  1. So many things to visit in Paris, museums and shops are numerous, it is interesting not always going to the famous places but also get to know more local places.

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