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The festivities are in full swing and there is no shortage of details to be checked off the many lists.  And as it’s only natural to overlook some of the less obvious, yet equally important details during this bustling season, we have decided to do some of this thinking for you. (We will graciously accept your thanks in the form of chocolate, wine, etc…I joke, I joke.)

 At the top of this list of ‘unforgottens’ is Home Security.  Although it may not be the most enjoyable factor to consider, take it from us. It’s worth taking the steps to prevent a potentiel « not so merry » homecoming. We’ve all seen Home Alone. And yes, the bad guys may meet their demise, but there are no shortage of messes left behind.

 Start by asking yourself some simple questions: Who/what do I want to keep safe when I’m gone?  If you answered with a who, it should be safe to assume you have a pet (or plants).  In which case, it’s a good idea to make a reservation at a pet daycare/boarding. Otherwise, there is always the option of having a friend or neighbor take on this role. In any case, we highly recommend having someone stop daily, or as often as possible to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary and to let potential suspects know that there is indeed still activity at your home. We at Savoir Faire are available to take care of this as well. That includes picking up your mail!

Another technologically advanced solution for keeping your treasures safe is Security/Light Timers. These timers are designed to turn on/off anything from Christmas tree lights to outdoor lighting. They can also be programmed to a desired schedule during the day. This can give the appearance of people being home. We found an astonishing variety at BHV, including an excellent range of prices. And if you really want to give those burglers a run for their money, check out this App available on itunes that will be sure to fool even the craftiest of criminals!

Here are a few more tips to consider:

  •  Keep shutters open- You might as well write «No one is home» on your front door. But do double check that all the windows are locked.
  •  Make sure expensive valuables such a TVs, Stereos, etc. are out of sight from the windows.
  •  Be careful where you talk about your travel plans. You never know who is eagerly collecting information.
  •  Make your trusted neighbors aware of your departure and ask them to keep an eye out for any unusual activity. It’s also a good idea to supply them with a way to contact you while you’re gone, in case of an emergency.
  •  Unplug as many appliances as possible. This not only will decrease your electricity bill for the month, but will also prevent fires.
  •  Do one last check in every room before doing the final lock up
  •  And last but not least, RELAX, smile and enjoy your holiday vaction.

Merry Christmas!!


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