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Allow us to introduce you to the inspiring and creative founder of Creative Mind Tinz storytelling agency, Sageer Suleiman. Originally from Nigeria, Sageer has been in Paris since the young age of 10 years old, and now calls Paris home. After moving abroad several times and experiencing life, culture and new languages in different parts of the world, Sageer’s passion for creativity and story-telling grew and led him to start his project and launch a service to help other’s tell their stories.  Fortunately we were able to sit down with Sageer over coffee and find out more about his agency and where he draws his inspiration from…






1.What brought you to Paris and how long have you been living here for?

My dad’s job relocated him from Nigeria to France and he decided to bring his young family along. This was back in 2001, so quite a long time ago now. Even though my dad no longer lives in Paris, my siblings and I still live here. AND we love it!


2. We are intrigued by your storytelling agency, Creative Mind Tinz. Can you tell us what a storytelling agency actually is?

Creative Mind Tinz is storytelling agency that creates content and strategies destined for social media platforms. Whether you are a brand or an individual, we believe that everyone has some kind of story to tell and we want to help. We strongly believe that people are more receptive and engaged with a story than with a classic ad. That’s why we make it our mission to tell stories.


3. What is a normal day like in the life of Sageer Suleiman in Paris?

Each day is different! Most days I wake up and have my coffee – very important to get the day going. Then it’s pretty much touching base with the team and working on any ongoing projects and brainstorming upcoming project ideas. I spend quite a bit of time on Instagram and YouTube just to see what’s out there and be inspired by other people. I’ll be walking the streets of Paris with my camera – I always find something interesting to shoot.



4. Can you give us a brief description of the services that you offer with Creative Mind Tinz.

The services offered are two-fold. On the one hand, we help brands and professionals with their social media, either by setting it up or by improving it. We then provide a strategy and guidelines to follow to achieve the objectives we have set.

On the other hand, we love content creation! This ranges from photoshoots, short videos, campaigns, to brand activation and much more. This is where we can really showcase our creativity and effectiveness and DELIVER.

Most of the content we create is destined for social media platforms so we know it has to be engaging!


5. Where did the inspiration for Creative Mind Tinz originate?

The inspiration stems from my childhood. When I first came to France, I didn’t speak a single word of French, so in school I really struggled to talk to other kids and make friends. As I got older I realised I have always been drawn to visuals (drawings/paintings/photos/videos etc) simply because visuals transcend language. And the current trend today just shows how important visuals are, especially videos to content posted on social media.

So Creative Mind Tinz is kind of like an answer to my childhood struggles but with modern and business twist. 


6. What are some of the biggest struggles you come across in an industry like yours?

I think one of the biggest struggle is starting off and building a network of collaborators and potential clients. When you begin without a network it is very difficult to get the word out there and to showcase your work to the right people. Although I do think if your work is unique and stands out it will be a lot easier to build your network. Once you have a decent network and contact the key is to DELIVER consistently.



7. What are your 3 key elements for telling a story through visual social media?

For me the key elements are the story itself, the visuals to tell the story, and the hook. I think the first two elements are pretty straightforward. However, with the hook, you need to find an angle – which tends to be emotional – that your viewers and audience can relate to.


8. How important are visuals for modern day businesses?

Very very very important! I can’t stress how important it is nowadays. The attention span for Instagram users is about 7 seconds. A block of text is hardly going to capture anyone’s attention, whereas quality and engaging visuals will!


9. What is unique about Creative Mind Tinz that sets you apart from other social media agencies?

We are a small group of passionate creatives who will give 100% to each project. We take pride in everything we create and come up with, and we are quite flexible with our workflow. Lastly, we all speak several languages, which I think always helps.



10. What does the future hold for Creative Mind Tinz?

We just want to grow organically and create more stunning visuals. For us it is very important that we stay on top of the new trends so that we are at the forefront of innovation and change.


To see more of Creative Mind Tinz’s work, click on the links below. Stay tuned for the Ballerina in Paris video release!





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