A Honey Bee in Paris


This is the life! As the city of Paris bustles the bees of Paris buzz from garden to window box , producing an exceptional multi-flower honey. Thanks to green-thumbed Parisians, flowers in the city abound, offering the nectar and pollen that honey bees need to work their magic. It may come as a surprise that bee hives are hidden on rooftops all around Paris, and the harvested honey is available for dégustation in numerous spots across the city.


Honey Homes

Bees seem more than happy to make Paris home. The iconic Palais Garnier  has rooftop hives, as does the Musée d’Orsay, Les Invalides and the French Military School. The young Parisian apiculteur, Audric de Campeau has his bees spread throughout the city, collecting pollen from an immense diversity of flowers, which yields a delicious, dynamic honey.


Be a Beekeeper in the City of Lights!

In the Luxembourg Gardens you can see the grouping of hives in the southeast corner of the park. An organization of beekeepers at the École Rucher tends to the bees in the famous garden and offers classes for amateur apiarists. The classes begin inside in February and then continue until the month of August outside in the garden. In the month of September there is a honey festival where the beekeepers and students sell and celebrate the sticky sweet subject of their studies.

Where to Find Paris Honey

Honey harvested from Paris hives isn’t hard to find in the city. Specialty shops like La Maison du Miel, Fauchon and the La Grande Epicerie de Paris carry a selection as do many outdoor neighborhood markets. Even the chain market Monoprix is in on the honey game, they sell Paris honey in-store and cultivate it on many of their rooftops.

La Maison du Miel
24 rue Vignon, 9th arrondissement
Métro: Madeleine (lines 8, 12, 14)
24-26 Place de la Madeleine, 8th arrondissment
Métro: Madeleine (lines 8, 12 and 14)
La Grande Epicerie de Paris
38 Rue de Sèvres, 7th arrondissement
Métro: Sèvres-Babylone (lines 10 and 12)

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