Zoological Park of Paris

As a lover of animals, I jumped at the opportunity to write a blog post about the newly (and entirely) renovated Paris zoo.  Many tell me that my ‘spirit animal’ is the giraffe, so I figured where better way to touch base with my kin than in this new space.   Re-opened after 170 million euros and 6 years of reconstruction, the Zoological Park of Paris (Parc zoologique de Paris) welcomed 25, 000 people for it’s opening on April 13th.

The zoo showcases a more airy space with some 180 species and 1,000 animals in total.  The organization of the zoo is rather interesting: instead of arranging them by type, animals are placed into one of 5 regions: Madagascar, Guyana, Europe, Patagonia, and Sahel-Sudan.  What’s cool about this set-up is that it actually mimics the natural ecosystem you’d find in each of those regions.  No need to go on that pricy African safari when you can, for example, see the zebras and rhinos co-habiting behind a shared display area.

A friend of mine asked me what the most exciting animals to see were, and I couldn’t help but say the giraffes.  With 16 of the long, lanky creatures to fawn over, I learned that it’s the largest group of giraffes in a zoo in Europe.  Another species that have long necks and lots of crazy antics are the ostriches.  The lair of wolves is also a personal favorite, as the zookeepers hide food in various parts of their habitat to maintain the wolves’ hunting instincts.   Don’t miss the lions, monkeys, lemurs, seals, and gazelle.  There’s also a ginormous greenhouse featuring plants, sloths, and birds.

The wildlife has returned to Paris!  Rawwwwr!

Full price: € 22 (adult) / € 16.50 (12-25 years )
Reduced price: € 16.50 (adult) / 14 € (12-25 years)

12041, Avenue Daumesnil


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