What to Wear in Paris | Summer 2012


Summer is here and the sales are near and if you are planning a trip to the City of Lights, you want to make sure that you pack to fit in with Paris styles. Here are some current fashion trends we have picked up to help you feel like a Parisian this summer.

Jumpsuits & Maxi Dresses

Jumpsuits are perfect for Paris picnicking in the sun as you don’t have to worry about accidentally showing too much when you stand up, or sitting in uncomfortable awkward positions. Both jumpsuits and maxi dresses are perfect for the casual tourist as you can wear them all day and into the night when the weather cools.

Brights vs Pastels

Coral, sea-green, fuchsia and orange are the bright colors seen on the streets these days. But when you are not going bold, keep it sweet with light pastels shades for your sunny walks along the Seine.


Pleated Skirts

Pleated maxi skirts, like the one above, seem to be making their mark in Paris lately. As the weather in Paris is so unpredictable throughout the summer, this is a way to feel summery without the goosebumps on your legs!



Lace seems to be the number one must-have item of the summer. Whether it is a lace sundress, little white mini skirt, or a bohemian lace-embellished top, this is the one item you should not leave home without.



Leave those solids in the closet, patterns are the way to go this summer. Take your pick of tee-shirt, skirts or dresses, as long as they are printed!


Silk- Crepe Pants

This is the ultimate Parisian summer go-to. While the style really isn’t new this summer, it has been brought to a new level with coral colors and patterns. These pants are so comfortable that they are great for long days of sight seeing in the city.


Pair any of these with the classic Parisian leather jacket and an umbrella and you will hit Paris by storm this summer!



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