Fit and Fab in Paris | Part 2: Well-Being in Paris

We are excited to launch the second post of out our 3-part blog series by founder of Paris International Fitness, Kristin Merryman. This post will focus on general well-being in Paris, including ways to help nourish, care, and treat the body and mind, to achieve a better and overall state of happiness in your everyday life in Paris. Sound appealing to you? Read ahead, and contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment for any of the treatments listed.


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Paris is a city of excess and indulgence, stress and elegance. Being here, we are surrounded by refined beauty and the bustling energy of a large city. Taking care of ourselves becomes even more important when we are immersed in constant action, the challenges of a large city, and the desire to enjoy it.

This is our second offering of our three part series on Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition. This month we are featuring Well-Being and how to feel your best as you savour Paris in a new way.


In-home wellness and massage treatments

Living in or visiting Paris usually includes lots of walking, driving and/or metro rides, and almost everywhere you go exquisite architecture and elegant statues surround you. Seeing and exploring is full of surprises and discoveries but sometimes you just want to stay home or in your hotel and enjoy letting Parisian luxury come to you.

Relax Massage understands those desires very well, having specialized in custom delivered beauty and wellness treatments for fifteen years. Their team is carefully chosen, and includes experienced and expert masseuses, serving an international jet-set clientele. You can request any type of massage at any time of day. They are efficient with their booking, and will get a specialist matched to your desires and booked quickly. They offer over 24 types of massage, a wide range of beauty treatments, alternative health treatments such as acupuncture and naturopathy, and a complete menu of fitness services. Whether you are staying in an apartment or hotel in Paris, they are your go to for personalized in-home well-being, fitness, and beauty services.


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Massage at the spa

There are many wonderful spa choices and excellent massage therapists in Paris. One very special niche Spa is called Six Senses, located close to Place de Vendome and Jardin des Tuileries. It’s unique in it’s elemental deco, bringing nature into the city, including vertical gardens, and oak treatment rooms. They feature gifted and dedicated massage therapists such as, Agnieszka Birenda, trained in Bali, who is an energetic massage therapist offering treatments such as, Balancing Senses, Ayurveda, and Lemniscate massage.

Another of their practitioners, Emmanuel Roy, studied in Tibet and uses various massage styles to release physical and energetic blockages. Six Senses Spa is a harmonious mixture of spiritual and physical treatments that support balance and refreshment.




A Hammam is a tradition cherished worldwide from the ancient Greeks and Romans, to North Africa and Turkey, and now to modern day Paris. It includes a hot steam room, a vigorous massage to remove dead skin, sometimes cold water pools, and a comfortable space to relax after your experience. A Hammam treatment cleanses the pores of impurities, sloughing off dead skin and the massage increases blood flow. It also provides muscle relaxation, pain relief, and respiratory benefits. One of the most highly renowned hammams in Paris is, Hammam Medina Center. Located in the 19th arrondissement, this beautiful location offers the small details that add up to a delightful and calming experience. The steam room features sightly tile mosaics, scented organ oil, mint tea, and Eastern pastry. The service is friendly, and at 40 E for the day, very accessible.

A hammam treatment is a great choice if you desire to feel refreshed and rejuvenated from the inside out.


Photo courtesy of Hammam Medina Center



Acupuncture is a practice of Chinese medicine, which treats the body and mind. In China, patients often go to their acupuncturist once per season for preventative treatment that will keep them healthy throughout the year. Some of the myriad of benefits from acupuncture include: reducing migraines, healing depression and anxiety, decrease in stress and blood pressure, better sleep and insomnia relief, reduction of hot flashes after menopause, relief of allergy symptoms, treatment for acid reflux disease and heartburn, alleviation of low back discomfort, and support with weight loss. Another benefit is that when you start to use it preventatively or over a long period of time, you may be able to decrease medications or go off of them completely. Hayley Enright is part of the Pinfit Fitness and Wellness team She speaks English and French fluently and uses many modalities together, making her treatments efficient and adaptable, including suction cups, classical needle treatment, energetic therapy, and essential oils. If you think back to the last summer Olympics in Brazil you may remember the bruises all over Michael Phelp’s body. This was from suction cup treatment, which is very helpful with pain relief and releasing energy blockages. You can book Hayley through Paris International Fitness.

Director Kristin Merryman: 0601143263




The word meditation is mysterious to some, scary to others, and comforting to most who practice it regularly. There are a wide range of meditation styles. Some practices are more religious in nature, some spiritual, and others practical. No matter what type of meditation you do, it is almost guaranteed that you will receive benefits such as greater focus, clarity, peace of mind, and generally a better feeling more of the time. Whether you practice meditation already, or if you would like to start, you can learn or enhance your practice right here in Paris. Here are three different locations you might like to try depending on your level of meditation and personal preferences.


L’Ecole Occidentale de Meditation– Here you will find classes for beginners, stages for those who desire to deepen their practice, and online classes to guide you in your meditation practice from home or when traveling. This school focuses on secular meditation, and you will be able to deepen your meditation practice no matter your spiritual beliefs.


Centre Sivananda de Yoga Vedanta: Here you can participate in 90-minute stages to learn about meditation and practice it with a combination of mantras and yoga postures. They also offer stages based on the classic Indian spiritual text, The Bhagavad Gita. Through this meditation you’ll learn to stay in alignment with your inner source of peace no matter what is going on around you-always helpful in Paris!


Dojo Zen : For those who desire an intense and simple meditation experience, Zazen may be for you. This is a Japanese style meditation where you sit cross-legged in silence and a monk overlooks to make sure there is no misbehavior. Long ago, and still sometimes today, the head monk would hit the participants with a switch if they started to doze off….not sure if this happens at Dojo Zen. You may want to call and ask ahead of time!


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Holistic Medecine

Naturopathic medicine and other holistic health treatments emphasize prevention, treatment and optimal health, through encouraging our natural ability to heal. Depending on the type of practitioner, this may include using nutrition to heal, health coaching, and other modern, traditional, and scientific methods. Holistic medicine practitioners aim to relieve the cause of the illness rather than the symptoms, looking  at the individual as a whole, taking into consideration all aspects of a person’s well-being and life, and how each aspect supports the others, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Working in wellness and fitness for the past seven years in Paris, I’ve met many naturopaths and alternative health practitioners. One who stands out to me in particular is, Karen Dente. She is a nutritionist, health coach and integrative functional medical practitioner. Karen went to medical school at Hamburg University in Germany, and has a background in journalism relating to public health. After studying classical medicine she later decided to leave the western medicine field to pursue alternative healing methods. She is a deeply caring and dynamic woman, with a decade or more of prestigious education under her belt. One of her specialties is treating issues around gluten intolerance. She cares for adults and children.


Life and Success Coaching

The coaching profession is growing in Paris. There are many types of coaches, such as business, success, confidence, love, health, weight loss, and more. Investing in someone who’s focus and expertise is to support you in achieving your desires is a powerful way to invest in yourself,  who you want to be, and how you’d like to experience life.

Two success coaches I recommend are Helen Fitness and Kristin Merryman. Both are Americans working with clients in Paris and internationally. Helen comes from the corporate world, where she was very successful with a comfy income. She left over 5 years ago to become a coach. She specializes in coaching corporate woman to create the life of their truest desires, assisting them through their transition onto a new path of their desired lifestyle.

Kristin, is the founder of Paris International Fitness and specializes in weight-loss coaching, including behavior change, nutrition, and fitness coaching. She is also passionate about freedom coaching: supporting individuals in creating their authentic life through following and realising their dreams. If you are ready for a transformation and want to raise your vibration, joy and success factor, working with a professional coach is a beautiful way to access change.


Institut Dior – Photo courtesy of the Dorchester Collection


Spa Treatments

Paris offers a long list of breathtaking and luxurious well-being treatments in world class spas. One of my favorites, when I want to feel completely pampered and ethereal is Institut Dior, Hotel Plaza Athénée. As you might imagine, many of their treatments revolve around skin care and their products are tested in Dior laboratories. At this chic and sensual spa you can try their signature treatment, L’Or De Vie, which uses grape vines from Château de Yquem, rich in antioxidants. Your skin will be rounder, more toned, youthful, and luminous.

Another unique treatment they offer is, « Dior Prestige Awakening of the Senses » It uses the Rose de Granville with stress relieving strokes to completely nourish and smooth the skin. Their is also a treatment just for the eyes, called, « Luminous Eye Treatment ». The practitioner massages pressure points connected with the eyes to alleviate muscular tension often caused by screens and artificial light, a good of example of all the Institut Dior treatments, attention to detail and complete indulgence.


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