Tour Paris 13


100 Artists, 36 apartments, 31 days, 16 different countries, 9 floors.

This is what makes up the largest collaborative street art exhibit in history: Tour Paris 13.  Before the building is torn down in November, street artists from all over the world have used the abandoned building as their canvas. The Mairie du 13ème along with the Galerie Itinerrance have worked together to turn the 4 500m2 into an artistic amusement park. Each artist was given an apartment, floor to ceiling to create their work. The ephemeral exhibit is open to the public throughout October for free.

The down side? The wait. We waited in line for over 4 hours to experience Tour Paris 13 and it is unlikely that the lines will go down. Luckily, La Tour Paris 13 is not just a physical exhibit but also a digital one. On their website you can virtually visit each apartment as well as learn about each artist.

Here are our photos of the building for you to live vicariously through us:


Enjoying the exterior of the building while waiting in line…


The above artist used a small mirrored ball to show their incredible recreation of the Sistine Chapel. To the naked eye, the room looked like a bunch of pixelated dots with no real pattern but when looking into the ball, the images appeared.

The above photo was taken of a room that was completely blocked off. To see into the room you had to look through a small hole in the wall.


The artist below not only used the walls and spray paint as tools but actually carved out similar designs into the wood floor of the apartment for an added effect.

Many of the apartments still had furniture in them like the bathtub in the photo above. There were a good handful of apartments that are still occupied and had signs on the doors not to enter.

La Tour Paris 13 also began filming a 52-minute documentary film that will be released in September 2014. It will feature the creative minds behind the project as well as the rare human experience that is Tour Paris 13.

If you like street art, check out our past post on some of Paris’ most popular street artists.

Tour Paris 13
5 rue Fulton, 75013
Metro: Quai de la Gare (line 6)
Open from October 1-31
Tuesday-Sunday from 12pm-8pm (last entry at 7:15pm)

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