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Whether you work for a start-up, run your own blog, or are embarking on that new passion project, chances are you are familiar with the concept of telecommuting. With the job market changing and technology advancing, many tasks can be done from the comfort of your own home or on the road. We find this gives us the option to work from a variety of different locations and change up the sometimes monotonous routine of years past.

Paris is adapting to this trend in working. Coworking cafes and multipurpose hubs are sprawling amongst the more common corner cafes and bistros. We have come up with a list of some of our most frequented spots equipped with wifi:



Chez Simone
140 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Chez Simone is the SFP favorite because it embodies much of what we stand for in one lovely, dynamic, women-run location, complete with decor we would commit treason to get ahold of. This space is less of a “co-working” space and more of a communal area boasting fitness classes for all levels, Adidas workout clothes for sale, and lunch service with a daily vegan menu. Although there is no set fee for working at Chez Simone, we always order the lunch menu in addition to our coffees throughout the day as this is how we pay for the space we use.




Republique of Coffee
2 Boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris
Republique of Coffee is one of our go-to’s due to their delicious menu options that make for a pretty killer lunch break. They feature Mexican cuisine with dishes such as fried fish soft tacos, or fiesta themed buddha bowls complete with guacamole and brightly colored garnishing. Their location is great for those who wish to meet somewhere central in Paris, as they are quite literally a step away from the Republique metro station. Arrive early and try their variety of coffee drinks in a more quiet work atmosphere, or come during the lunch rush, but be warned to get there early as tables fill up daily. If you choose to work here, you will be sure to spot one of the many famous Instagram influencers and bloggers found out and about in Paris.




39 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris
Delirio was a more recent trouvaille we decided to check out when we wanted to change things up. Upon walking in, you will be greeted by an extensive coffee menu (including iced coffee) as well as a magnificent “faux tree” that sprouts from the center of the room and holds the ceiling in its limbs. This is more of a typical co-working place where users are charged by the hour and offered canteen coffee, bread, apples, and bananas. The theme is beach-inspired, complete with leis and a surfboard mounted to the wall. Stay after work hours for a cocktail, or order off their downstairs menu if you are craving something a bit more hearty.



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Nuage Café
14 Rue des Carmes, 75005 Paris
Nuage Cafe is tucked away off of Rue des Carmes. Walk beyond the grand rod iron gates, through the courtyard, home to a giant cherry blossom tree, and you will find yourself in the co-working cafe of Nuage. This cafe operates by the hour and those who would like to use it simply sign into their online system via iPad. An added perk is being able to send an order to the onsite barista from your own laptop. We personally like the dreamy decor with details such as a hybrid bookcase stairway to a large wooden boat hanging from the ceiling. This cafe also has the option to become a shared office space for your budding business. You can become a member, keep a locker with items, reserve a desk, and have mail sent to Nuage Cafe. This is a great find if you live Rive Gauche as they hold monthly networking events to connect you with other like minded individuals.




Le 10h10
19 Rue de Cléry, 75002 Paris
Totally rad man! Once your eyes get adjusted to the jarringly bright decor and you remember that you haven’t walked onto the set of that 70’s show, check in at the front desk and pay by the hour for access to a shared kitchen with giant old-fashioned refrigerator and a bowl full of gummies. What we like about le 10h10 is the size and open floor plan. You do not feel so tucked away in a corner while working. There are also one or two rooms depending on which location you visit that are available to reserve for meetings. If you have your sights set on pitching a proposal in a corporate-esque boardroom, we suggest checking out the private meeting rooms. Bonus points for the alcoholic beverages in the mini fridge for if you feel like calling your day a bit early.  





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