Tips for Decorating like a Parisian


Whether you are moving to Paris and in need of some decorating tips or if you are looking to bring some touches of Paris into your home, the Parisian decorating style is something everyone swoons over. After decades of living in the city of lights, we have compiled some of our favorite tips for turning your home in to a Parisian paradise.

1. Fresh Flowers

In Paris, no trip to the open-air market is complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up the apartment. Each season brings a new color and scent combination from peonies to freesias. Fresh flowers not only brighten up a space but they are a little treat for everyone who walks in.


2. White Walls

When you live in a city of tall ceilings and narrow streets, natural light is not always easy to come by. Most Parisians keep their walls white to maximise the amount of light. This gives the apartment, no matter how big or small, a fresh, clean and even regal feel. Parisians use color as accents often in throw pillows, rugs or wall art.

3. Go Old School

It is impossible to walk the streets of Paris on a weekend and not stumble upon a brocante (flea market) with antiques and treasures for you to pick up. The Marchés Aux Pouces de Porte de Vanves is the perfect spot to search through stands upon stands of untapped knickknacks, curiosities and treasures to add the perfect Parisian touch to your home. If you are looking for antiques, the huge Puces de Saint-Ouen is the ultimate maze of vendors for you to hunt for that perfect piece.


4. Mix and Match

The ultimate Parisian decorating secret is to mix and match styles and looks to create a unique feel that represents you. Mix some of your vintage finds from the flea markets with a sleek and modern sofa, dining room table or an area rug. While many Parisian apartments come equipped with mouldings, exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows and magnificent parquet, you can add your own antique accents like an antique mirror to hang above the fireplace or a chandelier or candelabra to contrast with some more modern touches.

5. Large Rugs

While we all love the beautiful parquet wood floors of Parisian apartments, no Paris apartment is complete without a large area rug to warm your toes. A large area rug ties together all of the elements and centres the focus of the room.


Happy decorating!



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