The Bagel Scene in the 2nd


As a New-Yorker, one of the first things I eat when I am back in NYC is a bagel. After 13 years here in the City of Light, it is still one of the number 1 things that I crave from home. Since I moved here, a few solid bagel places have opened up and Monoprix has even started selling some pretty dry and flavorless bagels in the past few years. Needless to say, a slow trend has been emerging.

Over the past few years, some of my favorite bagel spots are Ari’s Bagels in the 10th and Morry’s in the 11th that have been around for quite some time now (Morry’s was the 1st bagel spot to open in Paris!) as well as So Good Bagel that opened up in my neck of the 15th not all that long ago. I think they bagels at So Good and Morry’s are a little better than Ari’s and they also have a solid selection of some American junk food for your Pop-Tart cravings. Ari’s has also opened locations at Bastille, in the 8th and the 1st.

I was recently walking around the Montorgeuil area, however, and realized that everywhere I looked there were bagel shops! I decided to do a bit of a taste test and share my favorites with you.

1. Rosa Bagels, 28 rue Saint-Saveur, 75002

Walking into Rosa Bagels, baskets of fresh-baked bagels greet you! Located right off of Rue Montorgeuil on a small cobblestone street, Rosa Bagels is a perfect little lunch spot. The bagels are good, although a bit more dense, and the shop itself is very cute and cosy.

2.  ONLY Bagel, 11 rue Poissonniere, 75002

ONLY Bagel has been around for a few years but has just gone under some serious renovation. Their menus are displayed in fun crates and the dining space is bright and fun. The bagels are solid but their use of only Heinz sauces was a little disappointing.

3. Adele’s Family, 64 rue d’Argout, 75002

Located on a charming pedestrian street, this friendly and cosy little cafe serves delicious bagels but also great soups, hot-dogs and other goodies. Their cheesecake is quite the prize-winner as well. They have a slightly smaller bagel selection but everything is served with a smile and their turkey and pastrami are kosher!

4. Bagel TOM, 71 rue Graneta, 75002 

Bagel TOM is a little flashy for my tastes, lots of American products to buy and not super original sandwich choices. That said, they were one of the first on the scene and have location in the 2nd and in the Marais. They were one of the first importers of American products so grab a bagel and stock up on some Marshmallow Fluff for the road.

5. Bagelstein, 73 rue Réamur, 75002

Begelstein takes the cake for the best bagels in the 2nd in our opinion! This chain originated in Strasbourg and now has 10 locations throughout Paris. Their sandwiches are great but what gets our mouthes watering is the huge selection of bagels. They sell my favorite, cinnamon-raisin bagels, but also have Herbs, Whole Wheat and many more. Their bagels are flavorful, fluffy and cooked to perfection!

What are your favorite bagel spots in Paris?




    Dunno if it is good, though!

  2. I thought I’d miss bagels so much when I moved here, but it hasn’t been so bad since there’s a great bagel spot by me called Pumpernickel. In the 17th on rue Lebouteux! I’ve passed by Bagelstein in the 8th a few times, but I haven’t tried it yet…now I will after your post!

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