Tasty Spots for Ethnic Food in Paris

While Paris is known for it’s amazing veal and foie gras dishes, you will have moments where you want to mix up that French palette of yours for something a bit more exotic.  Whether it’s sushi, couscous, or pad thai, there’s something great for everyone who wants a break from beouf bourguignon. Here are some of are picks for great ethnic food in the City of Light:



This cutely decorated gem hosts a kitchen than can whip up freshly baked teriyaki salmon, sticky rice, marinated eggplant, and seaweed salad.  With reasonable prices and lots of fresh ingredients, your mouth will water for the yummy izakaya and sushi.  Beautiful wooden tables, simple fabrics, and delicate dishes make this restaurant a relaxing place to grab some excellent Japanese.

40 rue de Douai



As an American who has scoured the city for some quality guacamole, I can tell you that you’ll find it beyond a doubt at Candelaria.  This trendy place is making tacos a hit in a city that hasn’t been particularly receptive to the Mexican wave of cuisine.  Here lies an open kitchen with cool bar stools and little tables to sip margaritas and enjoy funky music.  Take your pick of delicious tacos and tostadas (at only 3 euro a pop), and stuff them with spicy meat or Mexican cheese and veggies. Grab a shot of tequila, prep your salt and lime, and you’re in for a top night at Candelaria!

52 rue de Saintonge


Chettinadu Mess:

I have Sasha to thank for my introduction to Indian food on a cold, rainy day in Paris.  Per the recommendation of our friend Meg at De Quelle Planete Est Tu, I decided to try Chettinadu.  The food is pretty spicy but the veggie samosas are to die for (and they’re only a euro!).  They offer stuffed crepes known as Dosa and more typical rice and curry dishes—whatever you order, you’ll be stuffed!  The food is authentic, cheap, and the lassi yogurt drink, is another must try for people new to the Indian scene.

15 rue Cail


Khao Thai Restaurant:

This is another one of those gems I found on a day when I was trying to duck inside from the Parisian grisaille.  My friend and I found this stylish place two years ago and have been recommending it to people ever since.  The chicken satay is served on a coconut leaf with a pot of delicious peanut sauce.  Being a vegetarian, I often go for the green curry tofu and vegetables.  The kha prao stirfry is another winner with sautéed onions, bell peppers, and a side of conconut curry soup.  The desserts are also divine and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab a slice of the chocolate cake. Just sayin’.

13 rue Dauphine


Le Nouveau Village:

While you’ll find plenty of couscous places in Paris, a place with some of the best light and fluffy couscous is at Le Nouveau Village. They offer a free aperitif—your choice of wine or kir, and a couscous royal variety that serves 3 people.  The portions are huge and you really get some bang for your buck.  Chicken. Lamb, and veggie couscous are all on the menu while meatballs and sausages also tend to be popular items.  Top off your experience with their traditional mint tea and you’ll walk away feeling full and satisfied.

9 Rue Xavier
Privas 75005


Lac Tana:

This is a great place if you’re also looking to partake in a filling and carb loaded meal.   With large portions of tasty, traditional dishes, you can have your pick of spiced steak tartare, yebeg tebse, grilled lamb with pimente, or ketifo.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated to reflect the culture and customs of Ethiopia.

38, rue Fondary



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