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Fit and Fab in Paris | Part 2: Well-Being in Paris

We are excited to launch the second post of out our 3-part blog series by founder of Paris International Fitness, Kristin Merryman. This post will focus on general well-being in Paris, including ways to help nourish, care, and treat the body and mind, to achieve a better and overall state of happiness in your everyday life in Paris. Sound appealing to you? Read ahead, and contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment for any of the treatments listed.    ...

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An Expat Life | Kristin Lee Lewis of Paris International Fitness

A few weeks back we had the privilege of experiencing a personal training session in the Jardin des Tuileries with Kristin Lee Lewis, the founder of Paris International Fitness. The session was varied and fulfilling and left us feeling so great afterwards! The idea of being able to enjoy working out and being guided at the same time to make sure you’re achieving your optimal goals is that motivation we all need to continue with a balanced and active lifestyle. Since our last blog post on Kristin, that dates back to just over......

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I’m not sure if it’s just me, but as an American in Paris, I spend a lot of time contemplating the beautiful aesthetics of this city.  Yes, the architecture is beautiful, but so are the people! I sometimes feel  frumpy compared to the wonderfully coiffed  and flawlessly made up women.  How do they do it? How do they always manage to look so glowy with perfectly shiny hair? Is there something in the water here?  I asked one of my American friends who has lived here for decades how the French women......

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