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Why we Love Paris in August

August in Paris is the only time of the year where you really feel like you have the City of Light all to yourself. The Parisians pack up their bikinis, kids, and dogs, and head to the countryside or down south to the beach. Many restauranteurs and most boulangeries close up for the month, leaving a few select choices for us to enjoy, ultimately making our decision of where to eat out next much easier! Some people are reluctant to spend their summer holiday in Paris during August, and we can understand why......

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Not Ready for Summer to End?

Neither are we! Summer in Paris is always full of unique activities, our favorite of which we shared with Wimdu in their feature. From Paris Plages to the péniches, rosé wine, and terrace hopping, the fun never stops! So if you’re like us and you’re not quite ready for la rentrée, here are SFP’s suggestions on how you can prolong your summer in Paris. Food Trucks and Music This one has been on SFP’s Event Calendar all summer and is continuing past la rentrée, the unofficial end to summer in Paris. Head over to the docks next to......

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The concept of a nationwide, two week vacation for the purpose of skiing seems somehow frivolous. But perhaps it’s just my envy as an American, not having grown up with same luxury.  In Colorado, we generally take day trips or long weekend ski trips.  Either that or we move to the mountains for the ski season and become “ski bums”.  But the French take this holiday very seriously, as they do all vacations.  Making sure their kids get rigorous training in the sport is no exception either.  Frivolities aside, it’s a fantastic institution!...

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