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SFP Presents: Widetrip

For this week’s blog post we’d like to introduce you to our newest partnership, Widetrip! Widetrip is a new hot site for walking tours with locals that are passionate about the city of Paris. Widetrip caters to all visitors eager to discover a different side of Paris with open and engaging tour guides. Meet real Parisians who are committed to their city and genuinely want to share their passion, expertise, and interests with you. Whether you’re interested in architecture, poetry, social economy, or urban legends, Widetrip has it all, available in French, English, and Spanish.......

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The Luxembourg Gardens hail from the left banks of Paris in the 6th arrondissement, stretching across 60 acres (23 hectors). Inspired by the present time Queen Marie Medici’s childhood home in Florence, Palazzo Pitti, these public gardens were designed by Jacques Boyceau, one of the theorists behind the art of the Jardin à la Française, the popularized approach using symmetry and imposing order over nature…how French!...

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