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Food Delivery Services Review | Update

About two years ago, we put out our review of the food delivery services available in Paris. At the time, food delivery services had just started booming. Up until around 2015, we were pretty much limited to Alloresto and pizza delivery services, before Deliveroo, Foodora, Take Eat Easy, and others, came in and disrupted the market. Now that these services are more established, and those who didn’t survive have closed down, we’re ready to update you on our preferred services, starting with our favorite, so that you can get the best food for......

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The festivities are in full swing and there is no shortage of details to be checked off the many lists.  And as it’s only natural to overlook some of the less obvious, yet equally important details during this bustling season, we have decided to do some of this thinking for you. (We will graciously accept your thanks in the form of chocolate, wine, etc…I joke, I joke.)  At the top of this list of ‘unforgottens’ is Home Security.  Although it may not be the most enjoyable factor to consider, take it from......

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