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Peonies, Flower Shopping, and Healthy Eating

Allow us to introduce you to Lucia Chauvet, a Parisian born, multilingual foodie, photographer, and adventure-lover. Lucia started her blog, Lucia Talks Pictures, in 2016 with the idea to share her knowledge of food and photography in Paris, from the perspective of a multicultural life. If we could all share one common interest, food is probably the first thing that springs to mind! We are very excited to feature Lucia this week as a guest post on SFP, to have an insight into a couple of her MANY food experiences in Paris.


Photo by Lucia


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An Expat Life | Creative Mind Tinz

Allow us to introduce you to the inspiring and creative founder of Creative Mind Tinz storytelling agency, Sageer Suleiman. Originally from Nigeria, Sageer has been in Paris since the young age of 10 years old, and now calls Paris home. After moving abroad several times and experiencing life, culture and new languages in different parts of the world, Sageer’s passion for creativity and story-telling grew and led him to start his project and launch a service to help other’s tell their stories.  Fortunately we were able to sit down with Sageer over coffee and find out more about his agency and where he draws his inspiration from…



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SFP’s Top 5 Instagrams to Follow

Since 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. It has become the new, most relevant way to blog and share your thoughts and ideas. Some use the platform to promote their business, others to share their selfies, and others to garner attention for their photography. In any case, we’ve fallen in love with the platform and want to share some of our favorite accounts to follow. Enjoy!


Paris Promenade

A sort of jack of all trades, French girl Audrey works as a flat hunter in Paris, runs a website highlighting a few of her favorite things in Paris, and runs the popular Instagram Paris Promenade. Equipped with only an iPhone and her keen eye for photography, Audrey brings the beauty of the hidden corners of Paris straight to your smartphone. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and you’re gearing up to spend it with loved ones.  What better way to spoil them then finding them some awesome wintertime gifts from Paris.  Here are our top picks for this season:

For the Stylish Overacheiver:

It’s no secret we’ve been a fan of Kasia Dietz’s handbags for awhile, but have we mentioned how much we love her new Istanbul and Bali print bags?! They’re great for toting around your laptop and work related gadgets, plus the exotic print will make you feel like you’re on a mental escape from the office.  You also can’t go wrong with her classic Rive Gauche or Rive Droite bags which allow you to flaunt your pride for your preferred side of the river.

Kasia Dietz bag

For the Etsy Afficionado:

We’re more than a little obsessed with Rebecca Plotnick’s cool Paris prints on Etsy.  This is the perfect gift for all of those who want to be able to frame a little piece of Paris in their home.  Whether you’re looking to hang a picture of snowy Montmartre or a black and white photo of Pont des Arts, Plotnick captures the beauty of the City of Light perfectly.  There’s a print that’ll suit everyone on your Christmas list!

Snowy Paris image

For the Refined Taste Connoisseur:

This wouldn’t be a proper Paris gift list without including some classic indulgences that transcend the test of time.  For a proper tea-time, you can’t go wrong with one of Mariage Frères’s savory teas.  This high quality tea apothecary allows you to choose from dozens of well blended flavors that range from mild to exotic.  Be sure to check out their special holiday themed teas.  To accompany your tea party, don’t forget the cute edibles that add color to your table.  Ladurée offers the world’s most renowned macaroons and they’ve even expanded their reach to New York.  Your guests will be singing your praises after you bring them a variety box of these sweet treats.


For the Photogenic Superstar:

A photograph is the ultimate keepsake for those coming to Paris over the holidays.  Rather than just taking photos of the famous landmarks, why not get your photo taken in front of them to forever capture your delight while exploring this magical city?  Lindsey Kent is our go to girl for snapping photos of you during your stay in Paris.  Not only is she fun to be around, she brings out the natural and simple elegance of those whom she photographs.  For more info on setting up a shoot with her, check out her website here.

For the Design Guru:

Need customizable cards to send to your friends?  Looking for the cutest wrapping paper for disguising your holiday gifts? Check out the selection that abounds at Papier Tigre and L’Illustre Boutique.  Both stores carry a huge variety of paper goods that will suit the most organized and creative of your friends.  Shop hear for a new calendar, new desk organizers, or simply grab some cute paper for crafting.

Any other gift ideas from Paris? Send us your ideas on the blog!

An Expat Life | Lindsey & Justin, the Dynamic Photographer + Chef Duo

For most people, living in France does not just mean eating croissants and drinking good wine every day. This blog post is a part of our series, An Expat Life, exploring what it is like for an expat to live and work in Paris. Through these profiles of expats who have made their lives here, we will show you the different opportunities that exist in France and the (many) struggles that go along with them.

When deciding who to interview this month for our expat life series, I instantly thought of a couple with a very interesting story.  Lindsey Kent, a photographer and owner of Pictours Paris, and her husband Justin Kent, a chef, are two Americans who made the move from Denver to Paris in September 2011.  While the move was initially temporary (1 year), the couple has found a great deal of enjoyment (and dare I say, success) while building their respective businesses in the City of Light. Both Lindsey and Justin are charming, thoughtful, hardworking, and cholk full of ideas. Here’s what these two are up to in Paris:

Justin and Lindsey in Paris Eiffel Tower

What’s your personal story Lindsey? What made you decide to take the big leap and leave home to come to Paris?

Well, Justin’s mother is French and his two older siblings were born in Paris. Just before my husband was born, the family moved to Texas Continue reading