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Not Ready for Summer to End?

Neither are we! Summer in Paris is always full of unique activities, our favorite of which we shared with Wimdu in their feature. From Paris Plages to the péniches, rosé wine, and terrace hopping, the fun never stops! So if you’re like us and you’re not quite ready for la rentrée, here are SFP’s suggestions on how you can prolong your summer in Paris. Food Trucks and Music This one has been on SFP’s Event Calendar all summer and is continuing past la rentrée, the unofficial end to summer in Paris. Head over to the docks next to......

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Whenever I tell people that I live in the 15ème, I don’t always get such a great response. The 15th is known to be quite calm and family-oriented and visitors to Paris may not even step foot into my home quartier unless they are visiting someone. After six years of being a resident of the 15ème, I would like to share some of my favorite neighborhood spots and strongly encourage those of you who have not discovered the neighborhood to come and check it out! The 15th arrondissement is the biggest arrondissement......

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