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Fit and Fab in Paris | Part 2: Well-Being in Paris

We are excited to launch the second post of out our 3-part blog series by founder of Paris International Fitness, Kristin Merryman. This post will focus on general well-being in Paris, including ways to help nourish, care, and treat the body and mind, to achieve a better and overall state of happiness in your everyday life in Paris. Sound appealing to you? Read ahead, and contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment for any of the treatments listed.    ...

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February is the month of the great thaw: hopefully just in the weather and not in your love live! Wondering how to spice up Valentine’s this year in Paris? We’ve got your go to list so that you aren’t scrambling to buy your honey wine or chocolates at the last minute! Why not set up a romantic dinner and photo session to capture the your Valentine’s Day? In the afternoon, meet up with photographer Lindsey Kent at the Louvre Museum, where she’ll then take you around the city for a two-hour romantic......

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