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Where to Stay Warm and Dry During a Paris Winter

Everyone always says how beautiful Paris is in the rain… these people must come from places with little rain and they’re newly arrived in Paris, or they’re lunatics (in our humble opinion). Once you’ve lived through a Paris winter, you’ll figure out why this blog post is necessary! Day after day of rain and gray skies can lead even the most sane of us to go a little crazy, so we’re going to help you out with our favorite places to get through winter and try to forget your jeans are soaked......

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This guest post by Meg of De quelle planète es-tu takes you into the secrets of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Meg is a Denverite gone Parisian and enjoys all things floral, antique and vintage déco, beer, putting holes in her walls for handing rediculous amounts of frames, snacking on sweets before dinner, lipstick, photobooths, flea markets and many other things. Digital marketing is her stomping ground and you can find her on her blog, twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram.  — The 16th arrondissement of Paris covers the city’s western borders, stretching from The Arc de Triomphe to the......

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