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Your Guide to the French Educational System

The education system in your country may come as innate knowledge, but from the outside looking in, the educational roadmap may be harder to navigate. As many of you are quite literally moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar, SFP thought it would be helpful to cover some of the topics central to your new way of living. The education system is perhaps one of the most important topics for those living in Paris with kids. It may be a bit tricky to comprehend on your first go, but understanding how kids come into adulthood in France is a valuable and important piece of knowledge about the French culture. Take, for example, the early pathways kids are sorted into in order to choose their topic of expertise. Or take a crack at the organization of levels (hint: the French sometimes count backwards.)



Photo courtesy of JJ Thompson


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SFP Favourites | Romantic & Intimate Restaurants in Paris

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share with you some of our favourite intimate and romantic restaurants in Paris. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, and we have to admit we aren’t really ourselves, anything that gives us the excuse to eat well, try out a new restaurant, or enjoy an intimate dinner with friends and loved ones, is never a bad thing!

Check out the following list of some of our favourite restaurants to spend Valentine’s Day in Paris in 2017…


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Neighbourhood Guide | rue Saint-Sébastien

As there are only so many arrondissements we can write neighbourhood guides about, we decided to continue the theme, but more specifically with some of our favourite streets in Paris. Last month Samara started us off with the wonderful rue Henri Monnier in the 9ème. This week’s choice is rue Saint-Sébastien in the 11ème. For those of you who have ventured down this road, then you’ll understand why we’ve chosen to write about it. Spoilt for choice by cafes, boutiques, old record shops & delicious Asian cuisine, please allow us to take you on our favourite journey down rue Saint-Sébastien.


image1 (20)

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SFP’s Men’s Gift Guide

It is December and the holiday season in Paris is in full swing!

Holiday shopping for the man in your life can be a rather overwhelming task. Paris is filled with great shopping for both men and women but the focus tends to be so strongly on women that shopping for men can leave some people stumped. There are the obvious gifts, like watches or ties, but what about when you want something a bit more creative and perfectly Parisian? We’re here to help!

Le Colonel Moutarde 

For the dapper gentleman in your life, head to Le Colonel Moutarde to help your man dress to the nines. They have bowties, pocket squares, suspenders and even boxers! You can mix and match with fun patters and colors, or go for the timeless black and white look. Stop by their store in the 3rd arrondissement to pick up everything you need to complete a holiday look.

Photo by Le Colonel Moutarde

Photo by Le Colonel Moutarde

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Stroll through Pigalle & SoPi with Context Travel

This is a guest post by Lily Heise at Context Travel. They have shared some of their expert advice on some fun new ways to discover the City of Light. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Over the past few years the streets just south of Pigalle, known as SoPi, have paved their way onto the cool map of Paris with locavore gastrobars, designer shops and hipster hangouts. However, this seemingly new bohemian blood has actually been flowing through its veins since the quartier’s inception two hundred years ago, when it went by the name La Nouvelle Athènes. Discover the eclectic history of this hip neighborhood on this little stroll, and why not stop to have a look at Savoir Faire Paris’ guide to the 9th arrondissement and some of the great boutiques along the way or finish with an artisanal beer?

Paul Gavarni in Place saint georges

Photo courtesy of Context Travel

With the shadow of the France’s defeat at Waterloo fading, coupled with an advancing industrial age and growing middle class, Paris began experiencing a resurgence in the 1820s. This grow naturally forced the belt of the city’s borders a notch or two wider. The prime real estate pocket just between the Grands Boulevards and the sleepy village of Montmartre became the hub of La Nouvelle Athènes and this nouvelle zone soon became the intellectual, political and artistic hub of the Romantic movement and, as such, critical to the social and artistic revolutions of the 19th century.

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Neighborhood Guide | 12th Arrondissement

What I love about Paris is that even after living here for several years it’s still possible to discover new areas of the city and their little hidden gems. I was excited to write this blog post because it meant that I could do what I love doing most – explore! I spent the weekend discovering, the somewhat lesser known, 12th arrondissement, which is one of the largest districts in Paris and home to the Bois de Vincennes and Gare du Lyon station.


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Neighborhood Guide | Balade through Les Batignolles

This week I decided to check out a quartier that is tres close to me: Les Batignolles.  This little neighborhood is squeezed between the bustling Place de Clichy (south), the door of St. Ouen (north), and the chic 17th Wagram and Malesherbes (to the west).   Les Batignolles have a calm and charming feel, though at first glance the place seems like the mecca of MacLaren strollers, perfect families, and bountiful organic markets.  But first impressions are meant to be broken.  This neighborhood may not have the hype that the Marais, Canal St. Martin, and Belleville have going for them, but Les Batignolles is home to it’s own bobo attitude.  There is a good mix of lively bars, hip restaurants, and exclusive shops.  This area is branche—but not overly so. You get the village vibe with tiny streets and hidden art gems, while still preserving a sense of community with the quaint church and mairie that can be found near the beautiful square.

Batignolles PIC


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