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Why we Love Paris in August

August in Paris is the only time of the year where you really feel like you have the City of Light all to yourself. The Parisians pack up their bikinis, kids, and dogs, and head to the countryside or down south to the beach. Many restauranteurs and most boulangeries close up for the month, leaving a few select choices for us to enjoy, ultimately making our decision of where to eat out next much easier! Some people are reluctant to spend their summer holiday in Paris during August, and we can understand why......

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Beaujolais Nouveau

The French have always been known for appreciating the finer things. Foie gras, champagne, tarte tatin, they know how to celebrate life. So what happens when a country known for fine wines produces a wine that is purposely made to be cheap and easy to drink? They drink a lot of it! Over one million cases of Beaujolais Nouveau are shipped out around the world and are opened at one minute past midnight (per French law!). That’s over 65 million bottles! This accounts for nearly half of the region’s total annual production. But this wine wasn’t always......

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Collaboration is the word buzzing around Paris these days.  Jenny and Tara, the lovely and innovative ladies from The Sporting Project, have given us a refreshing display of what that can look like today.  These New York based beauties have moved camp to Paris in order to fuel the flames of this growing concept among local business owners.  Their mission which, “meets fashion, discovers art, shares food and livens culture”,  has come to us most recently in the form of pop-up events.   However, we are happy to say that their permanent location......

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