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Fit and Fab in Paris | Part 1: Gyms in Paris

As summer rolls around everyone starts thinking about getting in shape and working on their “summer body.” While we think every body is summer ready, regardless of shape or size, for those looking to make the most of summer and get fit, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our fitness partner, Kristin Merryman of Paris International Fitness. PinFit will be doing a 3-part blog series over the summer to talk about fitness, health, and wellbeing in Paris. If you’re interested in working with her just shoot us an email!...

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After our wonderful yoga session a few weeks ago with Meritxell, we have been exploring some of Paris’ best personal fitness specialists and Kristin Merryman, who started InFlow Fitness, is exactly that. Kristin offers in home or office personal training that includes Strength Training and Cardio and has added other trainers to her team that offer Pilates and Yoga classes as well. She specializes in private...

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